How to Invite Someone to Join a WhatsApp Group with a Link or QR Code

WhatsApp is one of the applications with the most users worldwide and without a doubt we all know why, since it offers all its followers a great variety of alternatives in terms of communication.

How to Invite Someone to Join a WhatsApp Group with a Link or QR Code

As we well know it can go from instant messaging to a video call of 50 people no matter where you are on the globe, one of the most used alternatives of this famous application are groups .

You can create WhatsApp groups either to perform work duties or to be in contact with family members to whom we are only a WhatsApp message away.

If your intention is to be part of a group or create one, you must take into account who you send the invitation to and for that you must become a WhatsApp group administrator and know that the limit of people to form a group is 256 people.

If you are already the creator of the group then you simply also have the option to be the administrator and at the same time choose if you want other administrators.

    What is the role of a group administrator in WhatsApp

    If you are not very clear about the role of a group administrator, we will tell you that he is the person in charge of adding members or eliminating unwanted people from said group, be careful with this responsibility, not everyone can give them these permissions.

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    One of the most common ways to add members to WhatsApp groups is through a link or scan of a QR code and in this way anyone can be added that is why the administrator’s role is important.

    It is an important duty to choose the person who will be added because if it is not good for the group then it will be eliminated or blocked , we recommend carrying out strategic WhatsApp campaigns if your objective is to include people for a work environment.

    How to Add People through a Link or QR Code

    If you are the group administrator and you want to add the invitation to your group by a Link or QR Code, what you should do is go to the created group and open the chat and click where the image and the name of the group are, the section will open with all the description of the group including all the members of the same.

    The information of the members is at the top of the second option with a ” link icon ” that says group invitation link, click on it and a new tab will open with several options to share the link either through WhatsApp itself or you can use others options such as text messaging, Facebook among others that you may have added to your mobile.

    There is also the option that says ” QR Code ” and when you press it, an image of the QR Code will be generated which you can share via WhatsApp messaging or send it to your contacts so that they invite other people.

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    It is important to note that only the Group Administrator can generate the code and only if he wants it can be shared, so it is good to know with whom you share the code in order to avoid access to people who can become a nuisance at the time of our chat.

    The shared code will reach the user inviting him to be part of the group, if he accepts he will only have to click on it and thus he will already be part of the group , in case he does not accept or hesitate to do so there is nothing to do since only he will make the decision whether or not he is part of the group to which he has been invited.

    In this case, no one can make your decision or force you to accept it, it is also necessary to emphasize that the link or QR code generated may expire, this happens if the group administrator cancels it and thus loses its validity and chooses to generate a new code or link.

    Since you learned how to invite someone to join a WhatsApp group with a link or QR code then share this knowledge with your friends. Successes!

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