How to Install Two Operating Systems on the Same Windows, Mac or Linux PC

It is already an obvious statement to say that computers are the main tool of this century, being equipment for daily use to facilitate and optimize all kinds of tasks , what before could take us days to do now we can do in minutes.

Therefore, basic knowledge about a computer is essential when choosing a personal one for your home, especially it is necessary to know the year of launch of a PC or Laptop regardless of whether it is new or used to know the generation of the same. and the compatibility it has with new technologies.

How to Install Two Operating Systems on the Same Windows, Mac or Linux PC

It is also necessary to mention that you should not only take into account the software specifications of the equipment but also the hardware ones. In particular, the hard drive of the computer, you should know if it has a HDD or an SSD hard disk and in this case, know the differences of both hard disks , so that you can adapt the equipment to your particular needs and choose the best one.

Here at Discover How to do it, we will try to help you as much as possible with this process and with any other questions you may have about IT issues. Therefore, today we will teach you how to install two operating systems on the same Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

    Requirements to install two operating systems on the same PC

    As long as your PC meets the minimum necessary requirements and has no more than five years of use, you can install two operating systems inside it by converting it into a dualboot . The requirements to convert your PC to dualboot are the following:

    • You must have the ISO files for both operating systems on your computer.
    • You must have a USB device with enough storage available to add the operating system, it is recommended that it be between 8 and 32 GB of space.
    • You must know how to access the BIOS of the PC and how to move within it.
    • You must deactivate UEFI and Secure Boot in case the installation needs it , if not, you must leave them activated.
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    Another important element to take into account is to know what processor the PC has and how many cores it has , since with a good processor you will be able to run both operating systems and all their applications without slowness or performance problems.

    Install two operating systems on the same PC

    To convert a PC with Windows operating system into dualboot to add Linux , you must create a USB boot disk with the external tool YUMI , which allows you to create different boot disks for other operating systems.

    You must change the boot mode of your PC from Boot mode to Legacy , if you have a computer with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 you must also disable the UEFI BIOS with Secure Boot, otherwise the USB boot disk will not be able to start. Once the computer has started, the installer will give you the option to install Linux together with Windows or on another disk and choose the space you want to use for it.

    And in the case that you want to install Windows on Linux, you must bear in mind that the Windows installer will eliminate GRUB and therefore you will not have boot options available to choose a system when starting. So it is recommended to install Linux on Windows and not vice versa.

    Similarly, you can install Windows on a Mac PC in the following way. First, make a backup as a precaution , now create a USB drive with at least 8 GB of storage to install Windows, use the Boot Camp function to open the screen wizard where all the installation files will be copied to the USB drive.

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    Once the process begins you will have the options to install Windows 7 or a higher version , select both options to cover all the options. The USB drive will then be formatted for operating system installation.

    Continue the process choosing the destination of the files and you will have to make a disk partition for Windows. Restart the computer and it will start in Windows to finish the installation with the Boot Camp function, you must make sure you check this box and that it is in NTFS format.

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