How to Insert, Copy and Paste Emojis, Emoticons or Smilies in Excel – Creative Guide

It is already very common that when we want to express an emotion or feeling at a certain moment we resort to emojis or emoticons. And of course this goes from the most popular social networks and direct messaging , to spreadsheets like Excel.

How to Insert, Copy and Paste Emojis, Emoticons or Smilies in Excel – Creative Guide

If, as you are reading, these cute faces can be included in your work. And if you do not know how to do it, then we will explain how to insert, copy and paste emojis or emoticons in Excel .

This is one of the most outstanding features of the tools included in the Microsoft Office office suite. Its versatility where it is not only possible to make calculations and customize the buttons with macros . We can also make charts, tables, pie charts, diagrams, among others and now we will include the cute emojis.

Being able to include emojis in our spreadsheet seems to be a great idea, since if we find these figures in everything, why not give them a place in our work. So let’s talk no more and let’s see what we must do to be able to insert, copy and paste emojis, emoticons in Excel.

    Step to insert emojis in Excel with virtual keyboard

    We are going to see how we can insert emojis in a very simple way in the calculations that we carry out in the spreadsheet. But for this it will be necessary that we have a keyboard that contains these cute little faces. Of course we are not going to achieve this through the physical keyboard of our personal computer, but there is another way to do it.

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    So we must have access to a virtual or on-screen keyboard that contains the emoticons that we will then be able to insert into the Excel spreadsheet. In the Windows 10 operating system it is possible to enable a virtual keyboard. To do this, we just have to go with the mouse cursor to the taskbar and right click.

    This action will show a menu of options on the screen and in our case we will choose the first option “Toolbar”. The next step is to select from the menu that has just been displayed the option “Touch keyboard” and an icon in the form of a keyboard will be displayed on the taskbar, now we just have to click on this icon and we will have the virtual keyboard on the screen.

    Once you have the on-screen keyboard, you must select the happy face icon with the cursor and thus you will have the different emojis available. Now to be able to insert a smiley in Excel spreadsheet, you have to select the cell with the cursor. And then open the virtual keyboard and with the cursor select the emoji you want to insert.

    Another way to insert emojis into a spreadsheet in Excel

    Another way that we can use to insert emojis in Excel is through the keyboard shortcuts with which we will have a box with different emoticons on the screen. Then to have access to these faces we will press the Windows keys and the + key. This action will bring up a pop-up window with a wide variety of emojis.

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    Now to be able to insert or paste some emojis in your spreadsheet you just have to position yourself with the mouse cursor over any cell. Then you must apply the key combination to show the pop-up window with emojis. Now you only have to select that emoticon that you want to paste in the cell that you previously selected.

    Now if you want the emojis to have a larger or smaller size you can do it and for them you only have to select the emoticon . Then you go to the options menu at the top of the screen and click on the Home tab. Then choose the option “Font” and lastly increase the size of the emojis.

    In this simple way as creating or making a calendar we have reached the end of this practical and instructive article. That he could show you how simple and fast it is to be able to insert, copy and paste emojis, emoticons or faces in an Excel spreadsheet.

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