How to Index or Register My Website in Search Engines Sending URLs Quickly

Web pages are extremely important today, they represent practically everything there is to search on the Internet, although there are other more specific search engines such as YouTube for videos, Yahoo! for very particular questions, Spotify for music (or any of its competition is better or worse) and even search engines such as the most used social networks in the world to search for local companies, services etc.

How to Index or Register My Website in Search Engines Sending URLs Quickly

All of these work very differently from how the Google search engine works, which will allow you to find web pages according to a host of factors that often do not favor you as a user.

Well, it could be that the information you are looking for is better explained for you on a web page that was created 4 months ago, and precisely for that reason Google does not take it into account to show it to you before others that may even have paid SEM or other web pages by links.

The scenario is not good to compete with other websites, much less if you are new or if your sector is very competitive with websites that have thousands of dollars invested. Precisely for this reason, it is more than important to know how to index your web page to Google to run faster in this race called web pages.

    What is the use of indexing my page to search engines?

    Indexing your web page to search engines or rather, allowing it to be indexed and requesting indexing from Search Console is something basic that you should do immediately, especially if your page is new and does not yet have much domain authority.

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    This does not mean that if you don’t, Google will not index your web page, it only means that you will enter a preferential queue of people who ask Google to index them as soon as possible.

    This is because the spiders or Google robots are in charge of indexing your page in due time, it could well be in 4 days and it could well be in 4 months, so depending on this is extremely inefficient when having your web page .

    Although you must get used to the fact that things take time to arrive, making a good SEO strategy includes requesting indexing from Google, how to do it? to that we go.

    How to index my page?

    The first thing you should do is enter the official page that Google uses to index pages and see everything related to that, this is called Search Console and it will be very useful not only for this, but to measure many other important data.

    You will have to register doing a very simple procedure where you will enter a code to the editor of your web page. Once you finish registering you will have the home page and your property linked, once there do the following:

    • At the top of Search Console, a search engine will appear
    • On your website copy the link to place there and then in Search Console paste the link in the search engine and hit enter.

    • You will get a loading screen and it will take you to an identifying page of this url, here you will have specific metrics that if it is a new url you will not see anything, but over time they will appear.
    • All you have to do is hit the big button that says “Request indexing” and wait, almost always in the next 7 days your website will already be indexed in the search engine, check it by doing a “Site:”
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    Is my page well indexed from my initial setup? Review any errors

    Your website may not be indexed for many things, the first thing to take into account is that if your website had already been previously used it could have an infringement, check your url at to make sure it is not.

    Then I recommend that if you are a WordPress user you install a plugin called YoastSEO , this will help you see a small box under each entry, here you can look for the configuration section and see if you have activated or not the indexing of that entry or page.

    For all your entries it should be activated and for the less important pages not, such as the Privacy Policy, Cookies etc.

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