How to get back my hacked instagram account and how to prevent it from being hacked again

Talking about Instagram is to mention a platform that is very famous and used , for the same reason it is very important to take care of the security of the data that we share through the App.

How to get back my hacked Instagram account and how to prevent it from being hacked again

Being able to know if someone captures your profile or being informed that people are the ones who have access to our profile is essential to be sure that the moments shared on Instagram are not going to be misused.

However, there is the possibility that someone is in charge of hacking your account, if that happens to you, we are going to share with you how to recover your hacked Instagram account and that you know how to avoid a new hack.

    Why are Instagram accounts hacked?

    Many people go through the unpleasant moment of losing an Instagram account due to being the victim of a hack, but what is a hack? A hack is when a cyber thief steals our data and has access to our accounts, a way of calling a hack is as an attack on data encryption.

    In this particular case, it happens when another person is in charge of decrypting the data of our Instagram account to be able to access it and steal the data that we have stored in it.

    This information is trying to explain to us that Instagram accounts are hacked in order to invade our privacy and thus get something specific that that person is looking for.

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    That specific something that person is looking for may be some type of information that you have saved in your direct messages, it may also be that they want to impersonate you, that is, they want to steal your Instagram identity for some criminal act and one last of Hacking reason is usually very common, if you have many followers, they want to steal your profile to keep your number of followers.

    Steps to recover my hacked Instagram account

    Before mentioning the steps to be able to recover a hacked Instagram account, we want to mention that if you are a representative of a minor, you must always have latent that social networks represent dangers for children if they are not supervised, in the same way that your data was stolen, the data of your client can be stolen.

    Now, if you are going through the discomfort of having your Instagram account hacked, the steps you must follow to recover it are the following: the first thing you have to do is enter your username and enter the usual password, obviously you will get an error because your account was hacked.

    The next step is to select the option that says ‘Get help’ that option you will find in the part where they ask you if you forgot your login information. That you are going to do to be able to recover the account.

    When you are in that option you have to put a series of data, it can be your domain, address or number. You must write the email or phone number , so that you can receive a verification code, with that verification code you will be able to assign a new password to enter your profile and change all the data, including the email.

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    Tips to prevent my Instagram account from being hacked

    Although a hack is generally something that gets out of hand, we can perform certain actions that will prevent or avoid a hack of our account.

    If your account has already been hacked and you managed to recover it, the first thing to do is change the email address , phone number and all the data stored there, because that person already had access to that information.

    Now if you have not gone through that situation, avoid sharing your keys, never open a link that reaches your direct message box if it comes from an unknown person, avoid making connections in public networks or those of doubtful security because data that generates vulnerability for your account, using your networks responsibly and cautiously can avoid many problems.

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