How to Free Up or Empty iCloud Space From My iPhone if Storage is Full

Taking into consideration the fact that we live in an increasingly digitized and globalized society, where mobile devices have become indispensable tools for daily use to be able to connect with the whole world so that our lives become more comfortable, storage of these devices becomes essential to take advantage of their functions.

How to Free Up or Empty iCloud Space From My iPhone if Storage is Full

The mobile devices that have best managed to solve these storage problems would be Apple’s iPhone, with a substantial internal storage capacity with each new generation in addition to the iCloud services that offer 5 GB of free storage plus Premium plans to expand up to 2 TB depending on your location.

The best of all about this original Apple virtual storage service is that you can create and configure an iCloud account easily, without any problem and in a short time to start protecting your personal information within this totally secure system, outside the circuit. closed of the iOS operating system software.

In the same way, you can take full advantage of these services by restoring an iCloud backup to have your personal information and important files always at your disposal regardless of the Apple device while at the same time, it updates the computer software to be able to synchronize with the cloud.

Another important factor that you must take into account regarding the cloud storage service is that in the event of losing your Apple device, you have the option to delete an iCloud account from a cell phone or PC to ensure that no one else has access to it. her without your permission , also preventing possible computer attacks.

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Apple from its beginnings has been dedicated to innovating within the electronic market and iCloud services have not been the exception, being the perfect peripheral tool to complement your device and be able to take advantage of all its applications without problems.

Taking into account all the advantages that these services offer to facilitate and speed up the use of your devices, with this article we will teach you how to free or empty space in iCloud from an iPhone if the storage is full.

    Check iCloud storage

    If you have the free iCloud plan, full storage problems are usually occasional problems, considering that 5 GB is a minimum amount in relation to all the personal information that we usually keep inside a mobile device, not counting essential files for iOS, iPadOS, or macOS.

    First of all, it is recommended to check exactly how much storage space is available in iCloud, to check this via iPhone you simply have to enter Settings> Username> iCloud> Manage storage , so that you can confirm how much space you have occupied and the applications that they use this service.

    Now, the easiest option to stop worrying about these problems is buying more storage with a Premium plan, which you can even divide between friends to save money.

    Free up or empty space in iCloud from iPhone

    The main recommendations to free up iCloud space without having to delete essential files from the system and without having to pay for Premium plans out of your reach are the following:

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    You can save space by disabling backups of applications that are not in regular use and deleting old backups that you no longer consider necessary in the system, since these tend to accumulate if you do not perform regular cleaning in iCloud.

    Configure the backup parameters so that only copies of those applications that you use frequently are saved in the cloud , through Settings> Username> iCloud.

    These have an integrated option to optimize storage , activating this function you can automatically free up space from time to time by replacing original photos and videos with compressed versions for the device.

    Delete messages from your iCloud email that are stored in the application as well as text messages and attachments that are stored automatically , you can progressively delete those that you do not consider necessary.

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