How to Enable or Disable Java in Mozilla Firefox Browser? – Very easy

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Since its creation it has been one of the most used interpretation language tools , today it is compatible with the large number of browsers on the market.

In some cases Java manages to greatly improve the speed of websites, it also helps with video playback, it also makes you able to listen to music and see images . It can be said that Java is very important since sometimes there are places on the web or applications that cannot open if we do not have Java on our PC. It is compatible with various operating systems.

Java has been proven for its time in the market, so it is also reliable, fast, and secure. This guarantees its operability, quality along with the effectiveness demonstrated over time.

The versatility of Java puts it in a good position, since it achieves that if we make a program in it, it can be read on any computer. And not only for PC they have done it for mobiles, tablets and more. If you still don’t have it, we invite you to download, update and install Java to the latest version for free.

Sometimes Java is having problems to open with the Mozilla Firefox browser, this is solved sometimes by changing the browser version to an older one so that in this way it is synchronized with Java. For this reason, it is important that you read this article on how you can find out which browser version you have in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

This option represents a security risk for the user when browsing the internet from there to be up to date with the consequences when making these changes.

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Another possible solution would be to disable the Java program for Mozilla Firefox , so the browser can be accessed. However, now we are going to explain how to get Java on and off in Mozila Firefox.

How to activate Java in Firefox?

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This situation may require downloading and installing again on our computer, so let’s get started:

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Go to the Mozila Firefox browser and open it. In the address bar you put this link to download. Being inside the site you press the download button, it is free.

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When the file is finished downloading, you place it on your PC and open it. When you open it, the first thing you will see is a button that says install, you press it.

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You immediately give him accept, to begin. Allow the file installation to finish, then close the window.

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Restart your computer so you can have the changes. After restarting, verify the operation of Mozilla Firefox.

How to disable Java in Firefox?

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For this, we must take into account that the recent Firefox update is not compatible with Java, now we are going to explain how to deactivate it step by step.

Paso 1

Start by opening Mozilla Firefox on your PC. When it is ready in the upper corner on the right side, you will see a menu with three horizontal lines, you press it.

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Paso 2

Now you get a section that says ” complement” and click there. The “add-ons manager” will open, then you will choose the one that says “extensions.”

Paso 3

Often you will look for what is called “Java platform”, pressing this option will take you to settings. Here you are going to select what you want to disable and voila, you will no longer have Java when you open Mozilla.

As we saw here are the ways to activate or deactivate Java with the Mozilla Firefox browser, it is very easy and simple. Keep in mind that Java helps to achieve a better affinity on the web, so we should have and be aware of updating it.

If it is the first time you see something about this browser and you want to download and install Mozilla Firefox to its latest version for free to use it as your preferred browser, this article will help you. There are many advantages that this lightweight web browser offers.

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