How to Download and Install Google Chrome without Play Store on my Android – Step by step

There are situations where our Android mobile device has problems running applications or even downloading them . In general, the solutions are extremely simple and effective. But there are times when conventional methods don’t work at all.

In this sense, we want to talk about why Google Chrome sometimes cannot download this application from the play store . Therefore, we will explain what is possibly happening with your mobile device, as well as give you some effective solutions to achieve the download. It is worth mentioning that it is important to know if your Android or iPhone mobile is rooted.

Why can’t you download Google Chrome from the app store?

If you have tried several times to download the Google Chrome application , but have failed, it is possible that your device is having some problems. This can be caused by:

  • That your device has an outdated version of the operating system.
  • That the mobile phone is not compatible with the version of google chrome that you are downloading.
  • It is possible that you have a mobile phone of Chinese origin and do not have the application store installed by default.

You may not be able to download apps from the Play Store even though you have storage space. You must understand that this is a very easy problem to solve. Now, in case none of the solutions works for you then you have to opt for the next one.

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What to do to download Google Chrome for your Android mobile?

Download a new app store

When you have an Android device, generally we settle for the application store that Google provides us. However, it tends to have certain flaws and drawbacks when it comes to downloading applications.

That is why there are different application stores that are perfectly compatible with the Android operating system. Among the most prominent and the most popular that there are currently are:

  • Aptoide (one of the most popular)
  • TutuApp (direct competition from Google Play)
  • Aptoide Lite (alternative to Google Play Store light version)
  • MobPark ( app store with patched games )

Many of these application stores that we have mentioned are available in the play store. But, you may have trouble downloading . For this reason, you must use the search engine that you have installed on your mobile device or on your computer and search for the application in .APK format. If you have no idea what an apk file extension is , this is nothing more than a format compatible with Android mobile devices.

It is important that you keep in mind that you may not be able to find some application stores in the play store . In cases like these, you must choose a specific application store and go to its official website. For example, if you want to download the Aptoide application store , you must go to the official page, download the application either from your mobile device or from your computer and transfer it to your phone.

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Download Google Chrome as APK

This is a process very similar to the previous one mentioned, with the difference that, instead of installing an entire application store , you are simply going to download and install a specific application; in this case, it would be Google Chrome. And you may wonder how can I do it? The truth is that the steps are extremely simple.

The first thing you should do is open the search engine on your computer or laptop. Once you are on the main page of Google, place the application you are going to download next to the format you need. That is, you are going to type in the search engine ” Google Chrome apk “. You wait for the search results to be shown, and then you select any platform or web page where the application is available.

We recommend that you use pages that are trusted , one of them could be APKpure. There you can find all kinds of useful applications, plus it gives you the ability to download previous versions.

So that you can get a version that is compatible with your mobile device. What remains to be done is to transfer the file that you have downloaded to your mobile, search for it from the same device and begin with the installation of the app.

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