How to Delete or Delete my WhatsApp Account Forever or Temporarily – Very Easy

The controversy that has been created around the famous social network WhatsApp regarding its new privacy policies has generated many rumors and speculation in recent times, which has led users to delete their account.

It is worth mentioning that the owner of this famous social network has spoken out and he has stated that his goal is to provide transparency and new options for companies to grow.

I also clarify that privacy will remain intact since personal messages will be protected with end-to-end encryption , which means that no other social network such as Facebook or the same WhatsApp application can see them.

How to Delete or Delete my WhatsApp Account Forever or Temporarily – Very Easy

Even so, many users have felt the need to delete their WhatsApp accounts and switch to other options for fear that their private lives will be affected by the new policies that WhatsApp has implemented.

As for instant messaging APP today there are many options such as Signal or Telegram, any of them could work for you in case you are determined to delete your WhatsApp account, if you still do not know what Telegram Messenger is or how you should use it , do not worry because it is very simple and they practically work the same.

    Risks when deleting your WhatsApp account

    Before deleting your WhatsApp account, you should know that this step is totally irreversible, since if your account is deleted it will permanently cease to exist.

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    You must bear in mind that deleting your account will erase all your message history, your Google Drive backup and also all the WhatsApp groups of which you are a part will be deleted .

    It should be noted that only those who delete the account lose access to the message history since the messages or conversations they have had with other people are kept in their history.

    So before doing so you can synchronize the data with other messaging APPs, you can also make a backup so that you do not lose any type of file.

    Remember that all the images or videos that you have received through WhatsApp that are in the memory of your mobile, whether internal or external, will not undergo any change, that is, they will remain there since the memory of your equipment is totally foreign to the APP.

    How to Delete a WhatsApp account

    This is an extremely simple step since to permanently delete your WhatsApp account you must enter the APP and position yourself on the three dots on the top right, then selectsettings “.

    Then you go to the “account” section and a new window will open where it gives you several options that at the end will tell you Delete my account, click there, you will open a new tab explaining everything that will happen if you delete your account Besides giving you the option to change your number, at the end and in red you will see “ Delete my account ”.

    If you are completely sure that it is what you want then press there since you must remember that this process is unalterable and irreversible.

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    To delete your account you must select the country where you are, write your phone number and click on delete account, it should be noted that for security reasons WhatsApp will ask you three times for confirmation that you want to delete your account.

    That is why after entering your phone number it will ask you to give a reason why you want to delete your account and in the last step if you delete account, at the end the welcome to WhatsApp and a floating message will appear on your mobile screen where you Announces that your account has been deleted.

    This way of deleting the WhatsApp account only applies to Android mobiles since for iOS the configuration button will appear at the bottom right and it is not three dots but a cogwheel.

    When selecting it, a window will open and you must select where it says account and then select where it says delete account and there the process of eliminating your WhatsApp account will begin . Successes!

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