How to Create Multiple Twitter Accounts on the Cell Phone with the Same Email

The evolution that social networks have had in recent times is reason for study, what began as a simple communication tool to connect with acquaintances has progressively transformed into a tool for all types of digital marketing and social change with a totally global, making digital campaigns indispensable.

How to Create Multiple Twitter Accounts on the Cell Phone with the Same Email

Today, the social network that best represents the aforementioned characteristics would be Twitter, which has an unrivaled scope to communicate with all kinds of leaders and official media in a simple way. The best thing about it is that the application allows you to monitor the statistics and reproductions in a Twitter account to know the scope of your content.

The Twitter platform has the Analytics tool for monitoring all the statistics of an account . However, there is also a wide range of external applications for such work in more detail, with the ManageFitter peripheral tool being the most popular and effective to improve the quality of the content you publish within the platform.

Knowing how to take advantage of all the tools that Twitter makes available to you totally free of charge is a substantial advantage in this increasingly globalized world. By simply mentioning or tagging someone in your Tweets you can have a totally global reach to promote all kinds of positive messages that generate social change.

And like the rest of the most popular social networks today, Twitter has managed to adapt to constant technological advances to become a multiplatform tool, which has the option of activating the dark mode on Twitter or ‘dark night’ to save battery life for both Android and iPhone users.

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Learning to use all the functions that Twitter offers is essential today to have a digital image that can represent us on the web, for social reasons and especially for work reasons, which are more and more available online jobs. For that reason, today we will show you how to create several Twitter accounts on your cell phone with the same email.

    Create multiple Twitter accounts with the same email

    Although the privacy and security regulations of Twitter only allow the creation of an account by email, there are methods to easily bypass these parameters . So you don’t have to go through the tedious process of creating another email just for another Twitter account.

    You just have to access your Gmail email and click on the nut-shaped icon on the right hand side of the screen to open Settings> Accounts> Send message as> Add another email address of yours.

    In this window you must leave the Alias ​​box checked and then enter the name to identify the account plus the email alias, you can identify them in the way that is easier for you if you want to create several accounts in a single email.

    In this way, you can register on Twitter with the address you just created and all notifications will be sent to your main email, without the need to synchronize any configuration options.

    Manage multiple accounts on the phone

    Through the official Twitter application for Android you can manage up to five different accounts without any problem by simply logging in with your username and password as you normally would and then touching the three lines in the left corner of the screen. You will see your username, profile photo and an arrow, you must select this last option.

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    Once you do so and the following drop-down menu opens, you will have the option to Create a new account and Add an existing account . Choose this last option and you will have a window with the option to log in with another account. You can change accounts following the same procedure as if you were to add a new one.

    You must bear in mind that the accounts that you have started on your device will not be automatically synchronized with your web browser , therefore you will have to manually log in and link the accounts again from the beginning with the same procedure in the browser.

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