How to Create and Send Animated or Moving Stickers in WhatsApp – Step by step tutorial

WhatsApp is still today one of the main applications used to chat easily and keep in touch through messages and calls , this App is one of the most popular that we have today since since its departure it has received a large number of members or users who share and use it daily.

But nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the updates to improve its performance usually arrive a little later than in other competing App. But when WhatsApp implemented its new Stickers feature, it was very well received by its users.

WhatsApp only sought to limit the use of text messages and audios, exchanging all this for something more fun and with more entertainment in addition to the already integrated emojis, Gifs or even he sent images and videos. But in order for WhatsApp to remain in the taste of its users, they decided to implement this new Stickers function.

This was one of the functions and updates that the vast majority of its users waited until their departure had finally arrived, after this people began to know and recognize the sending of animated Stickers or with movements through the WhatsApp platform .

Since WhatsApp implemented the Stickers to its operation, people do not stop creating and sharing the new packages of Stickers , although you can even download Stickers for free from the Stickers option while inside the application. But if you are looking to learn how to create your animated Stickers on your own, here we will tell you how you can do it.

How to create or make your animated Stickers for WhatsApp

Learning to create and use custom stickers for WhatsApp will make your conversations more entertaining, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to fulfill this purpose:

  • First of all, you must enter the ” Giphy ” page, this popular platform allows us to make our own sticker creations or also download GIFs for WhatsApp.
  • Being inside this page you will have to look for and select the option that says ” Stickers “, (you can find it at the top of your screen on this website).
  • After having entered this option, a great variety of moving images should appear that will not have a background. Search and choose the one you like the most and want to use to send in your conversations.
  • When you have already decided on a sticker and are going to download its format, since it is downloaded as a GIF and it will be necessary for us to change its format extension to WEBP. This can be done from the image settings you choose.
  • After you have chosen and done all this to the image that we are going to use, we will only have to download it .
  • Once this is finished, you will only have to enter WhatsApp, enter the files within the app, copy the image file that you saved in a WEBP format and then you will have to copy it or move it to the Stickers folder of the application and so you must the process is finished.
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First of all, to be able to see the sticker file, you must enter WhatsApp, look for the icon where you can send stickers and check if the new one we created is there. If you can’t find it, you can try again by following the same steps.

This is all we need to know how to create a sticker in this great application, it is obvious that you will need to download and install WhatsApp, the best thing is that you can do it on any mobile or device and thus be able to perform all these steps.

You can also save the animated stikers that other WhatsApp users send as friends or family and you can see them in favorites, if you save an images you can do this process, there are occasions that the WhatsApp photos are not saved in the gallery but this does not happen with the stikers since their location is another.

How to send the stickers by WhatsApp

Sending these stickers is an easy task, you just need to look for the stickers icon at the bottom of the conversation screen, press it and there will be all the stickers that you have saved.

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