How to Create an Account and Login to Twitter From My Mobile or PC step by step

It is normal that users want to use the best and most popular social networks that exist today. It is for this reason that they offer excellent functions so that you do not seek to join another platform. And this is the case of Twitter, which since its appearance allows simple communication, using the famous tweets.

And if you are interested in being part of this social network, in the following article we will explain step by step how to create an account and log in to Twitter from your mobile or PC.

How to Create an Account and Login to Twitter From My Mobile or PC step by step

Twitter is a platform that allows you to communicate directly with other users of said platform. But it also allows the sending of videos, photos, emojis or emoticons , Stickers, etc. So it has become a fantastic option for millions of people who use it on a daily basis. It also has an excellent function that allows you to position labels to make them trending.

Nowadays it is very easy to create an account on a social network and especially on Twitter, since all you need is to have a smartphone . If you want to use the mobile version or have a personal computer if you want to use the web version.

And of course, it will always be necessary to have an email account, so if you have already decided to create your account on Twitter and log in to position labels. You just have to follow the steps that we will present below in this article.

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    How to create a Twitter account from your PC

    To start this article we will explain what steps you must take to create a Twitter account from a personal computer. And to begin you must go to your favorite search engine and enter the main page of Twitter . The home page of the social network will be displayed on the screen and in our case you must click on the “Register” option.

    By performing this action you will be taken to a new window where you will have to fill out a form with your personal data. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, date of birth, phone number, email address. When you finish entering all this information you must click on the “Next” option.

    You will then be prompted that a verification code has been sent to the email address you previously entered. This to be able to corroborate your identity, upon receiving the code you must enter it in the requested field and then you must click on the “Next” option.

    The next step is to create a strong password that will allow you to log into your account when you log in. You must take special care when creating your password, make combinations of letters and numbers, as well as entering capital letters and special characters . All this to prevent someone from having access to your account and sending messages, photos or videos on your behalf.

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    To complete the creation of your account on Twitter you must click on “Continue” and voila, you are already part of this famous social network. Now to log into your account, you just have to enter your username and password.

    Steps to create an account and log into Twitter from mobile

    Although you can also create an account on Twitter through the browser of your smartphone. We suggest that you download the mobile application of this social network and it will be much easier for you. Therefore, as a first step, you must enter the App Store or Play Store as appropriate and download the Twitter App.

    The next step is to open the application and click on the “Start” option, then you have to enter your username. Then you must enter the phone number or email and then click “Next”. You will be told if you want to receive ads among other things, select the ones you want to get and then click “Next”.

    Verify your data and if everything is correct click on “Register” now you only need to create a secure password and voila, you have already created an account on Twitter . And in a way as simple as activating the dark mode in this social network

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