How to Convert or Convert a Word Document to PDF for Free without Using Programs on My PC or Cell Phone

We have all seen the need to convert our own document to PDF but unfortunately we do not always have access to programs or platforms that do this quickly, automatically and efficiently.

And it is because of ignorance we think that converting it to PDF is impossible from our own computer without any program, but we can do it in Word where we are writing and above all, without requiring an internet connection.

How to Convert or Convert a Word Document to PDF for Free Without Using Programs on My PC or Cell Phone

This sounds quite incredible and it is, in all Windows computers since it was launched, and as a brand it is one of the best since it gives a free 7-day version of all the programs that make up Microsoft Office.

PDF is a type of extension that everyone should know through which it is allowed to save read-only documents and then read them again or be able to send them as a non-editable, that is, a read-only file , and we can convert a normal common Word to a PDF without external programs or internet connection.

The free version is great that they offer it to us and when it is finished, they also continue to offer you a free version through their web platform.

But this has certain disadvantages such as that it does not include all the functions and is also limited to the fact that it can only be used with an internet connection, which is precisely what we do not want.

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In addition, Word has a huge number of functions that it can perform that you probably did not know anything about, that is why in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to quickly convert a Word document to PDF without taking more than 5 seconds. amazing? let’s see it.

    Convert a Word document to PDF

    What will not take you less than 5 seconds is to make the document, this obviously runs on your time and how fast you go, but saving the document or converting it from Word to PDF is possible with a few simple steps:

    • You have to have the document you want to convert already downloaded on your PC and in Word format.
    • Open the document and go to “File” if you already had it saved before, click on “Save as” if you just finished it and it was not saved, just “Save”.
    • Select “Desktop” or the folder where you want to save it.
    • Once you save it, a small window will open, this will allow you to modify only 2 things the name and just below the type of document, this is where you must remove “Office Word Document” and put PDF.
    • It is the option of more or less in the middle and it is in capital letters, once you save it the work is finished and you have it converted to PDF.

    Since this took you less than 5 seconds, and it could take you less if you do it immediately when finishing your document, however you should have a couple of things in mind when converting your document to PDF and they are the ones that I will tell you next.

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    Things to keep in mind about PDF documents

    Word is not fought with PDF formats since from within Word you can create editable forms , among many other things, Word is a multipurpose platform from which you can create labels and dictate by voice.

    Without a doubt, there is not a single function left out of this program, however there are things to take into account about the documents that we save in PDF and they are the following:

    • By default they are read-only and do not necessarily have to be written to a computer, there are many PDF files that are scans of old sheets etc.
    • PDFs can be transformed back to Word , but may not copy well or may lose parts of the text when transforming, especially if these are old book scans or copies.
    • PDF files are quite heavy, so it is advisable to compress them in .rar or some other extension using programs such as WinRar, so that later you can safely extract them, whether or not you have a password and use them without taking up too much, in any case freeing up space on your hard disk if you have many PDF files would be ideal.

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