How to Configure ActiveX Option Buttons and Customize Text in Linked Cells

ActiveX is a means of defining reusable software parts independently in the programming language and Excel. It allows manipulating data to carry out actions, it is mostly used for web pages and each of its software applications is used for different components. Today you will learn how to configure ActiveX radio buttons and customize the text of linked cells.

ActiveX buttons access to relate content as toolbars do while browsing the Internet, they are also used to create programs and platforms such as Excel.

How to Configure ActiveX Option Buttons and Customize Linked Cell Text

All these buttons are independent despite being on the same sheet, also note the fact that ActiveX buttons allow you to change colors and fonts if you wish.

The text in the linked cells can be modified in order to add data in a graph sheet, when the text in the elements of the graph is modified it will no longer be linked to the cells.

Configure ActiveX buttons to later customize linked cell text

To insert and configure ActiveX controls in a spreadsheet in Excel it is required to access the developer tab on the ribbon. Keep in mind that the use of the ActiveX options button does not allow the selection of several options even if they are within the same group to insert the control, we can only select one option.

  • To configure, go to the Developer tab , then click Insert and go to the ActiveX Controls group , where the Number control is located.
  • With the ActiveX Option Button active, the mouse option is activated in edit mode and in this way draw the control to your liking in the Excel sheet. With this option enabled you can configure and edit the properties according to your needs.
  • When the LinckedCell Property is configured, it will tell us if the result is true or false. In order to carry out this option, click on the cell.
  • The Caption Property , which refers to the text that is observed in the control, can also be configured to your liking.
  • Two other option buttons can also be added to give you more alternatives to select from. To do this, copy and paste the button you already have and just change the Caption Property.
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Since you are familiar with ActiveX Buttons, you can very easily access font and color changes, making these options create groups of form control buttons and these are automatically added to nearby groups.

Configure ActiveX buttons to customize linked cell text

The advantage of adding a text box to a cell is that when the cell’s content is modified, the text will also change automatically. It is simple and very practical:

  • First open the spreadsheet you want to use, and then from the top ribbon use the tool to create a text box somewhere on the sheet. The text box function can be found in the Insert option .
  • Make sure your text box is well selected by clicking on the border. And then select directly in the formula bar, then click on the equal sign (=).
  • Keep pressing the cell whose content you want to link to the text box. This way you will have both elements selected, text box and cell .
  • Hit the Enter key and the result will be seen directly in the box. This will reflect what is written in the selected cell. When the content of the cell is changed you will notice it in the text box, since these are perfectly linked.

Also with the above, you can configure the text control and ActiveX command button in Excel , an option considered essential by many.

While working with ActiveX functions can be complicated, with practice and dedication you can learn about this useful tool and use it more often. Certainly options like using the ActiveX toggle button for columns or rows can be very useful.

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