How to Configure a DHCP Server on my Windows 10, Mac and Linux Ubuntu PC

Whenever you are working with some software or an operating system, you will see different servers that may be included, it is an extensive topic that must be studied in detail to be understood more easily.

The configurations of a server can be involved with the study of an IP address or it can be used to know an IP address on a cell phone.

How to Configure a DHCP Server on my Windows 10, Mac and Linux Ubuntu PC

But, this time in discovering how to do it, we are going to explain what a DHCP server is, what is the use of configuring a DHCP server, along with the advantages of using a DHCP server, and then know the steps of how to configure a DHCP server in the computer, either on Windows 10, Mac or Linux Ubunt.

    What is a DHCP server?

    A DHCP server is essential in the use of networks, since it is the technological tool that can assign an IP address to the system. In other words, the DHCP server is responsible for ensuring that each system or connection can have an assigned IP address.

    DHCP server configuration utilities and the benefits of having a DHCP server

    Theoretically, we already have the answer of what a DHCP server is for, because we know that it is used to assign an IP address to a network. But among the advantages of this configuration is that we will be able to have greater security with respect to cyber attacks or have a better supervisory control thanks to the IP address assigned by the DHCP server.

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    Steps to configure a DHCP server on the PC

    If you want to configure a DHCP server on your computer, you have to follow a series of steps, the steps to perform are very simple if you take the time to read the information with determination, the only thing you should be clear about is that if you are going to configure the server on Windows 10, Mac or Linux Ubunt so that you can follow the corresponding steps.

    A very important point is that before configuring a DHCP Server on your PC, the first thing you have to do is download and install the server and then if you can configure it.

    Steps to program it in Windows 10

    Setting up a DHCO server in Windows 10 has nothing to do with network activation . The steps to follow in order to activate the DHCP server in Windows 10 are as follows.

    The first step necessary for the configuration is to be able to create a scope, to be able to do it you have to go to the part of the PC where it says ‘Administrative Tools’ to look for the option that says DHCP.

    When you select this option, other alternatives will appear, the only one you must select is ‘New area’ . In the next windows that will open, you will have to click ‘next’ until you get an IP address.

    Having that IP address what you must do is, write the IP address of the default links to activate the scope and configure the DHCO server in Windows 10.

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    Settings on Mac

    Using a Mac is neither more nor less complicated than using a Windows PC, if you can install an antivirus on a Mac in a similar way to Windows, the same will happen with the configuration of a DHCM server, the steps for this configuration are the following.

    You must look for the settings or what is known as the Apple menu, being there you will select the networks option, to look for what the connections are, you will get different options, you have to choose if you want to configure the IP address manually or if you want to perform an automatic configuration with DHCP.

    Configuration in Linux Ubuntu

    In case you want to configure the DHCP server in Linu x, what you have to do is: look for the network configurations, to specifically select the one that says ‘DHCP Server’ a window will open, in that window you have to look for the interface to continue.

    In the next three windows, the only thing you have to be aware of is to click where it says ‘Next’ and then finish and configure the DHCP server with a static IP address.

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