How to Compress and Unzip a rar File in Windows 10 without Winrar

Digital documentation has greatly helped us to share information from one place to another in a very simple way. Previously, it used to be very difficult to send information , but with the use of the internet and computers it became very easy to perform this type of task.

This is possible thanks to programs that we can run from our computers , these are designed exclusively to handle digital files. Today, we can find from programs that help us to edit, modify documents and there are even programs designed only to view documents.

Every day new programs appear which are created in order to make things easier for us. According to each need that may arise, there is a program that specializes in it.

Based on this, below we will explain in detail the process to compress and decompress a rar file in Windows 10 without winRAR.

Why is it necessary to compress and decompress files?

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As we already know, the use of digital files helped to be able to move documents from one place to another in a very simple way. But this led to the computers and transmission networks being saturated.

Because the memories of computers and storage units are limited, it has the disadvantage that this storage space can be exhausted. This mainly occurs when a very high number of files are being stored.

For this reason, it was a priority to find a way to reduce the weight of the files and to be able to store more documents in the same space. This was achieved thanks to file compression.

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Being able to compress a file is possible with the use of specialized programs to carry out this task. What file compression programs do is reduce the weight of documents and thus occupy less space in the memory unit.

Likewise, this process does not affect the information that the document has and it can be done with any type of document, folder among other files. To carry out this process, different types of programs are used, each of which uses different extensions.

Among the most used programs to compress files we find WinRAR, this is one of the best, since the method it uses is very effective. But in the case of not having this program installed on our computers, we can be a bit confused when it comes to compressing or decompressing a file.

In this article we will learn what methods to use to compress and decompress a rar file, without having to have the WinRAR program installed on the Windows 10 operating system.

Compress and decompress a rar file in Windows 10 without winrar

If what we want is to compress a file to reduce its weight but we do not have the Winrar program, we do not have to worry. The Windows 10 operating system brings pre-installed functions that help us deal with these types of files.

The first step that we must carry out is to locate the file that we want to compress , then we right click on it and select the option «Send to» . An options tab will be displayed, where we must select the first one, «Compressed folder» .

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A compressed file of our document will automatically be created, this file will have the same name as our original file. On the other hand, if what we want is to decompress a compressed file , we must do the following.

We open the «File Explorer» , located in the bottom bar of the screen, now we look for the file that we want to unzip. Then, we click on the “Extract all” option, select the “Browse” option and choose where we want our file to be saved, choose Select mask, then “Extract” and that’s it.

Another way that we can use to decompress a file with rar format is from our browser. We open the browser and through the address bar we go to the official site of the program that will help you with the procedure.

Page Web B1 Online Archiver

Now, we click on “click here” and select the file to unzip, then open . The file will begin to unzip, then we download it and you’re done.

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