How to Close Gmail Session on All Devices From My Cell Phone or PC

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When you have a mobile device or a computer, you have to take security above all else. In these devices, a lot of sensitive or delicate information is usually handled that should not be seen by others under any circumstances.

Be it private conversations with certain people that reach very personal levels, or all kinds of data from bank accounts, emails and others. This is why the security and privacy of our data online or on any electronic device must be taken very seriously .

Now, there are several ways to do this, either defending ourselves against different viruses that can steal our information through antivirus or other tools. Or, we can also improve the security of our mobile and computer through passwords or access methods that restrict entry to them.

But, it can always happen that someone unwanted obtains our data, either by accident or by carelessness from us, and when this happens we must do something about it as soon as possible, so that we do not have complications with our information if the person has malicious intent .

This can happen with any of our email or social media accounts, but luckily there are ways to fix the problem through these platforms. In fact, Google is an excellent example of how a user’s privacy can be protected, since it provides all the necessary tools to do so.

When you log in from an IP that is not the usual one or a new device, Gmail will let us know through an email or an alert, which makes you understand that you are using a totally secure email . And, you also have the option of being able to close sessions on other devices forcibly if we wish, and we will talk about this below.

Closing your Gmail session from other devices from your PC

If the scenario occurs where someone else has logged into your Gmail account, there are several things you can do to close it. But, the simplest is to force the session to close somewhere else, which we can do quickly through a PC.

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First, we must enter our Gmail session , and being within your email you have to lower the bar until you find the word “Details” in the lower right corner and click on it. This will send us to another place, where we must click on the option ” Close all other open sessions on the web ” and you will have done this operation successfully.

However, we recommend that you use the tools provided by Google through its Security section to be able to change the password as soon as possible. Likewise, it is also recommended that if you log in to a public terminal you should close the session before leaving, to prevent someone else from having contact with your account.

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Closing the Gmail session on other devices through your mobile

If you want to perform the operation previously on a mobile device, either Android or iPhone, you must bear in mind that it is not an option that can be done through the app. But, it is possible to carry out this process through the browser.

Basically all you have to do is open your mobile browser and log into your Gmail account , without having to open the application and follow the same steps that we explained previously.

Once you have done it, you should have all the accounts on the other devices closed. And we insist that after you have done this process, you change the password or credentials as soon as possible.

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