How to Close All Background Applications with KillApps (Example)

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As time goes by, mobile phones have to bear a bigger and bigger load . And, having utilities such as the Play Store at hand (in the case of Android users), we are always tempted to download new applications. We will teach you how to close all background applications with KillApps .

Even if we had a high-end smartphone, it would be difficult for us to function optimally. Therefore, in this article we will explain about this application, a software that, far from stealing resources, will do everything possible to help us.

Acquiring too many Apps on our cell phone, sooner rather than later, causes a reduction in its performance. The RAM memory will be busy, something that translates into slowness, overheating, or even unexpected reboots. Following a few simple steps, you can make use of KillApps, which by closing the applications in the background will free up a lot of the phone’s RAM .

When you achieve the goal of this guide, it will be as if your cell phone comes to life . In any case, even if you know how to close the background application processes on Android and IPhone , it is good that you think about better managing your device. See what things are not really necessary, and, if you decide, proceed to eliminate them. With this, in addition to freeing up your RAM, you will have more available storage space.

Now, it is time to start the process. Remember that if you have any questions, you can read again and take your time .

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What are applications?

As we already explained in another article, an application is a computer program , designed for mobile devices. It can be smartphones, tablets, smart watches, televisions, and much more. They help us in professional, work, and of course, for leisure or our social life.

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What are background apps?

The moment an application, installed on our phone, runs while we are not using it; we talk about that application is in the background . They do this in order to synchronize our data, have our location registered, or simply notify us when there are changes of some kind (such as, for example, if we receive a message on a social network).

These executions are not easy to close manually, especially if we have too many. They will consume the resources of our cell phone: they will use up the battery faster , they will remove RAM, etc. There are many other things you can learn about background apps, but now, we need to focus on KillApps.

How to close all background apps with KillApps?

The first thing you need is an Android mobile with. When you download the App (remember to do it with your home Internet, not with mobile data), using the previous link, you must run it and follow these steps. It is quite fast , and its results are noticeable from the first use.

When the main screen of the application is displayed, we will have to press the play button . It is a circular button, in the middle on the right.

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If you pressed the correct option, a window will appear asking for permissions, in which you will choose to show the configuration . In the menu that appeared, we will go down until we read the text KillApps , which, below it, will say function disabled . When you press there, you will move the switch so that it is activated (in green, not gray). We will be asked for a permit again, which we will accept.

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Now everything is ready. Go back to the initial screen of the application, and press the same circular button from the first step. After that, we will see a loading screen with the names of the background apps that are closing. Be patient, it may take a long time depending on how much it is.

Ready! You can now enjoy your mobile phone again without any inconvenience.

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