How to Check and Correct Spelling and Grammar in PowerPoint the Easy Way

For a long time, PowerPoint has been used to create presentations and slides, there are even ways to convert these presentations into video , in the student field it is the most used program at the moment.

Since it can also be used to create concept maps , in addition many teachers recommend it for the creation of synoptic tables , but its strength is to create the best presentations in the simplest way and even with a lot of style and personality.

How to Check and Correct Spelling and Grammar in PowerPoint the Easy Way

You can add a background image to the slides , colors, GIF , it also serves for the creation of triptychs or brochures , it is a program that has earned its place, therefore it is necessary that the spelling and grammar of our creations are completely in order.

For this you must learn to check and correct the spelling and grammar in PowerPoint texts and here in discover how to do it we will show you the simplest ways to learn it.

    Step by step to check spelling and grammar in PowerPoint

    Well this is actually very simple at the top of the program you look for the option ” check ” that you find in almost the entire Microsoft Office package, after clicking on it, you will notice the ” Spelling and grammar ” tool in the part left of the first option panel, or just pressing F7

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    When you open the tool, you will notice a small window with several options, these are all related to spelling and grammar, the same program tool chooses the misspelled words and shows you a list with the possible results you were looking for.

    That aside you can change the wrong word for the recommended one , it could be a spelling error correction that will be underlined in red or a grammatical error that will not skip the word underlined in green.

    To change you will notice the option “Change” that when you click it will be replaced automatically, and under this option is ” Change All ” that in case such an error exists repeatedly then all will be replaced at the same time.

    You must bear in mind that you must go little by little and look at the word that is in error since sometimes there is no adequate correction for our text, so the ” Changeoption will not be enabled .

    But don’t worry, you just have to write the word correctly manually and add it to the dictionary and voila, you can later have a correction if it happens again on another occasion.

    A quick but not very safe way is to give it where it says “AutoCorrect”, you can press this option several times in the ” Spelling and grammar ” window , it will serve to solve certain minor errors such as an accent or some extra letter.

    But this is not highly recommended since you can change words for unwanted ones , which sometimes completely destroys what a paragraph means.

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    Because correct spelling is essential

    If you are a student simply your teacher will exclaim you for these mistakes, and otherwise if you are a teacher simply grammatical and spelling errors are not an option for them, it is essential to carefully review our texts.

    Now because a good PowerPoint presentation with excellent spelling is essential , because you must bear in mind that they are slides that will be seen by other people, they may not be important in class but if the content is uploaded to the internet the question is another.

    Since the visual presence is what attracts the public , and once you have the attention of the users they will read the content and enjoy the presentation created in PowerPoint, and if they do not make sense of the text due to some very common errors, they will not return. .

    And our content will lose credibility with Internet users, so it is important that you learn to check and correct spelling and grammar in PowerPoint to prevent this from happening since our ethics and image cannot lose credibility.

    With this information, if at any time the slides created will be presented in a Projector, don’t worry, you should already know how to correct the text perfectly. Successes!

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