How to Change the Default Browser of my Android Mobile?

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Usually, our mobile devices come with a browser by default. If you have ¡Phone, you will be familiar with Safari, and if you have Android , with the Internet application.

And although it is true that you can download other browsers, normally when you press a link from an external application, it will open in the browser that it has by default. This happens because it is the default.

Therefore, when an application is configured in this way, it is the one that will run whenever it is necessary to use its services, in this case, the browser.

Now, is it possible to change the default browser on your mobile ? Yes. And here you will learn how to do it. You will also know the best browser options that you can get for free on your Android device.

What are the best browsers for Android?

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There are many browsers on the market that you can use. However, many have different features and tools. Hence, it is so important that you compare options and decide which browser is for you.

For this reason, we will provide you with a list of some of the most used browsers so that you can choose the one that best suits you and suits you best. Some of the most secure browsers are available for free and it’s good to install. Well here is a complete list with each of the most recommended.

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Google Chrome

This is, without a doubt, the browser most used by both Android, Apple and Windows users .

What makes it so special? In addition to its speed and design, Google Chrome allows you to synchronize the app with your Google account , so you can manage history, bookmarks and tabs on your different devices that are connected if you choose. Learn how to update Google Chrome to the latest version in the link above.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is another of the most common and used throughout the years. Although for many years it was only related to computers, the reality is that for some years now, this service has been available for your Android phone as well.

What makes many people prefer it is its security by protecting your data and your privacy. This browser can be downloaded and installed in its latest version in Spanish totally free.

Opera Mini

Although this browser does not have too many options, it does serve to perform basic tasks. Not only that, but if you have a low-end phone, this browser is for you.

It also has an option to save data when browsing and is quite light. So Opera Mini is a quite feasible option if you are to use only the basic tools and do not want to consume many megabytes of your cell phone.


Don’t worry if you don’t know it, it really is a new application that is hitting the market with promises to revolutionize the use of mobile browsers.

What is this about? What differentiates Cake from the rest of the browsers, is that it would be handled through gestures .

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Therefore, when doing a search, instead of showing you a list of results, the first one will automatically open. And meanwhile, in the background, the rest of the results will be loaded in case you didn’t find what you were looking for. And you just have to swipe left to see the different pages.

How to change the default browser of your Android mobile?

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Knowing then some of the available browsers and having chosen and downloaded your favorite, the rest is quite simple. You just have to follow these steps.

Paso 1

Go to “Settings / Settings”.

Paso 2

Then, go to the “Applications” tab and then press “Default”.

Paso 3

Once there, a list of the possible categories in which you can set an application as the default will appear. Among them, you will see “Browser application”.

Paso 4

Click on that option and you will see the different browsers you have on your device . You just have to select your favorite browser that you want to be the default.

Finally, you can do a test by opening a link from an external app and you will see that this page will open automatically in the browser you have chosen.

Also, by selecting this option from the phone settings, you will save yourself having to choose with which application you want to open the links each time you need to do so.

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