How to Change or Update the time of my Mobile or Cellular Android and iOS

Cell phones have become an indispensable tool of the human being, just like clothing, everyone has one, since they serve us for many tasks such as using it as a flashlight, or to create videos with photos from our gallery.

How to Change or Update the Time of my Mobile or Cellular Android and iOS

Everything we can do with a mobile device is unimaginable, so you must keep it clean of viruses and bacteria on the outside and you must also know what the updated system is for inside.

Observing the time is something very common in all people and even more if they do not have a pocket watch, many do not know how important it is to keep the correct and updated time on our cell phone, if our time is wrong it may present an error such as the application of whatsApp do not open .

Even Google Chrome can mention that the page you visit is not secure this and other errors , for them here in discover how to do it we will show you how to change or update the time of my mobile or cell phone Android and iOS.

    Step by step to change and update the time on Android

    We start by entering the phone settings either from the application drawer or more practical from the notification bar, just slide your finger down and you will see the settings icon , when entering we locate the ” system ” option .

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    That when entering the system option we will be able to see the “ Date and Time ” section, and here we will notice several options and all of them can be configurable, the first is automatic date and time (use the data provided by the network).

    Here our cell phone will adjust the time automatically according to our internet service but it may not be very precise but you must also activate the second box of ” Automatic time zone provided by the network “.

    This will adjust the hour and minutes according to laws and policies adjusted by internet providers and governments, all according to the time zone you choose, several countries sometimes advance half an hour or a few minutes.

    Do not worry in a few days if you have these two boxes activated this will adjust our time automatically, and the third option is ” Automatic 24 hour format” this will only change the format of our time and it will adjust to 12 hours or 24 hours you choose .

    How to change or update the time on an iOS device

    Many users think that it is more difficult to use an iOS device than an Android, each one has its advantages and disadvantages and this time when it comes to setting the time , the iOS device has more advantage since its procedure is easier.

    The first thing we must do is enter the cell phone settings and then locate the “General” section. After that, we will notice the “Date and Time” option, we activate the “Automatic Adjustment” option and in this way the clock will be adjusted automatically.

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    With that, it will be enough to keep the time updated all the time and all that that implies you could adjust it manually if you want to make a personalized adjustment but we recommend always keeping it according to the network.

    In order to maintain our device without errors of any kind, as you can see, the date and time category is an advantage for iOS devices since it is easier to accommodate than Android.

    Some advantages and disadvantages of iOS and Android

    In Android we can find the advantage of customizing the entire operating system since it is an open source system, we also enjoy all Google services since they are allies and we can have a large number of versions of many types.

    And some disadvantages would be that being open source could have hackers doing their thing, another is that sometimes the applications are very complicated since they are made by third parties.

    Some advantages of the iOS system are that it is very simple to use , and because it is a closed source it has a great advantage against hacks or cyber attacks.

    And the serious disadvantage we can only adjust to those that Apple tells us how to only download through iTunes . Successes!

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