How to Block or Ban Someone on Twitch What Happens to a Banned Person?

Twitch is a platform where you can live very good experiences, such as the possibility of streaming from your mobile . But from time to time you can also have bad experiences.

If you feel that a Twitch user deserves to be banned or blocked and you want to learn more about Twitch bans, keep reading the topic: How to block or ban someone on Twitch What happens to a banned person?

How to block or ban someone on Twitch

To block or ban someone on Twitch you must follow the following steps, from your Twitch account on your mobile or computer:



    or log in to Twitch, and find the user (s) you want to block from your Twitch profile.
  • In the user’s Twitch profile, in the menu icon , that is, the three vertical dots, so that you can get some options.
  • In these options, press or select Block (user name), so that from that moment that person is blocked and does not bother you anymore.

If you want to see the list of people you have blocked on Twitch, you can see it reflected in the “Privacy section of the Security Settings page” in your Twitch account. From the Twitch help site, you can learn more about blocking others .

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Block strangers on Twitch

Qualify as unknown, anyone that you do not follow on Twitch or are friends, is not a member, is not a member of the Twitch team, you have not previously whispered, nor is they a moderator or editor of your channel.

search banned channel does not appear

If you want to avoid harassment from strangers, avoid spam or whispers from strangers, you can from the setting or option Block whispers from strangers , avoid this type of incident on Twitch.

What happens to a banned person?

When you block other users on Twitch

As soon as you block a user on Twitch, from this moment you will not be able to host, he will not be able to send you whispers, he will not be able to add you as a friend in the future. You will also not be able to buy gift subscriptions to other users from your channel.

On the other hand, your messages will be filtered in the chats that you don’t moderate. And mainly, you will remove said user from your friends list and also from your list of followers on Twitch.

More about bans on Twitch

Bans on Twitch can last from 1 to 30 days or be indefinitely, depending on the type of ban a user receives. These are two types of bans, the first consists of a temporary one, or popularly known as a “strike”, which is more like a warning for minor or less serious infractions.

In this type of ban, you can only accumulate three strikes plus one, since the history of strikes is saved in Twitch, and when you exceed the limit, it lies in an indefinite suspension . The second type of ban consists of an indefinite ban, without the right to claim or recover your account.

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On the other hand, if you are banned from Twitch, you will not be able to access any service on this platform, which includes accessing your channel. In the event that a Twitch suspension lasts 30 days or more, the subscriptions present on your channel will not be renewed until the end of the ban.

In the event that you are banned from Twitch and you consider that it was an arbitrary or unfair action, you can fill out a form from the platform to claim the suspension, telling why you consider this action unfair.

What is prohibited on Twitch?

Blocks and bans come in when you violate a Twitch rule, so it is important that we mention some things that cannot be done on the platform and thus avoid being banned:

twitch martillo banear
  • Harassment : among this, cyberbullying , inciting another to harm themselves, violating the rules imposed by others, sexual harassment, falsely reporting an account, inciting others to harass, among others.
  • Impersonation : impersonating or impersonating someone or a company is strictly prohibited on Twitch.

Hateful or violent conduct : Encouraging towards others or towards yourself in any way discrimination, harassment, violence, objectification or denigration on Twitch is totally prohibited.

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