How to Block Contacts and Unwanted Email in Gmail to Avoid SPAM?

Email is a kind of messaging network that allows you to send and receive documents made in different formats. These are usually compatible with programs integrated into the computer and currently on smartphones, some of these can be Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Platform users can also compose texts to establish a conversation with some of their contacts . Gmail is an email server developed by the Google corporation in mid-2004 and how much with more than 3 million active users around the world.

How to block unwanted contacts and emails in Gmail to avoid SPAM?

With the popularity that messaging networks have taken in recent times, it is essential for any user or company to develop an email account in which they can establish communication between their friends, family or partners.

Currently, the Gmail corporation has made improvements to the platform in order to ensure a rewarding experience among its users. But it is the task of each one to establish the access that other email accounts have to their personal accounts.

Surely, when opening your email account you have come across some messages from accounts associated with companies or other organizations ; So far things are going well, but over time this type of advertising can become annoying. Since they congest the inbox.

How to block email accounts to avoid Spam?

Spam is a series of electronic notifications and messages received by accounts that are generally not on our contact list or that are not of interest to us. The information received has to do with advertising about some products or services that we have not requested.

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Spam emails are generally known as junk mail or spam .

To eliminate the constant sending of this type of messages through these accounts, there are three alternatives. These options are:

  • unsubscribe from related page
  • report spam
  • Block the account from which you receive messages .

Steps to block email accounts to avoid spam

  • Login to your Gmail email account as you normally do.
  • Select one of the messages received from the account.
  • Click on the menu icon , located in the upper right corner (there are three vertically arranged dots).
  • Select from the list of options ” Block sender” .
  • From this moment on, all types of messages sent by this account will be filed in the SPAM folder located in the messages section, just below the «sent» folder .

Uses of the Gmail email platform

The Gmail platform was studied for three years by its developers, who wanted to provide a complete and useful messaging network.

The project, which began in 2004, was launched in mid-2007. Although in its beginnings it did not obtain much interest in the technological medium, today it is the most used email server in the world. This is because the users of the platform can make use of different tools:

Recover emails that have been sent : this tool allows you to delete emails that you have sent inadvertently or that do not have the information you want to share.

Sort the list of emails that are received in the inbox according to their priority.

Creation of default templates , this function is quite useful, since it allows you to send a message quickly and easily.

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There is a tool called Streak , with which you can make a constant record of your sales and income. It is quite useful for those accounts that handle a large number of clients or consumer users.

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You can group all your email accounts into one, to avoid the tedious task of logging into each one. Receiving messages from each of the accounts in a single tray. Remember that you can also block a person in Gmail , and browse safely to avoid SPAM.

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