How to Block a Phone Number, Contacts and Incoming or Outgoing Calls on iPhone

We have all been in the situation of no longer wanting someone to bother us, be it the bank or your ex girlfriend, the constant calls not only annoy, they also take up time that many times we do not have, it is precisely for this reason that we would like a button to make them no longer bother , and in fact it is not a button but something like that can be done.

How to Block a Phone Number, Contacts and Incoming or Outgoing Calls on iPhone

    What types of calls can I block?

    There are currently many ways to block them, but in this article we are going to give you 3, the first will require access to your menu, the second that the number you want to block has made a recent call and the third that you have storage space and WI connection -Fi, so free up space on your iPhone if you need that option.

    Block calls step by step from an iPhone

    Remember that by blocking a person from your incoming calls, this person will not be able to call you again, the calls they make will be marked as “busy” all the time, your iPhone will take care of that, so it will not bother you anymore but You will also not be able to retrieve their calls until you do the procedure again and activate it again.

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    That is why it is important not to do it if it is an anger or annoyance, take a break and come back later, surely you no longer want to do it and it was all a simple start, however if you are already well decided, calm down that in this first method you will not need to ask Cydia for anything , because it is internal.

    Block from settings

    What we will do is enter the number or contact of the person you do not want to contact you in a panel of your device called “blocked numbers”, for this you will follow the following steps:

    • Open the “Settings” menu of your device and go to the “Phone” submenu. You will quickly find it with a green logo.
    • Other menus will appear where you must click on “Blocked Contacts”
    • Here you will see your menu of blocked contacts, you may not have any so to add one you just have to press “Add new”
    • This will take you to your contact list where you can select the ones you want, there is no blocking limit

    Block from an incoming call

    In case of not having the number saved in your agenda and wanting to delete it can be very frustrating, but don’t worry, there is also an option for these annoying strangers, just follow the following steps:

    • Open your phone app and look for the “Recent calls” section
    • Find the number in your contact list that you want to block so that they can never call you again and tap the “i” button next to the number in question.
    • This will take you to a new menu where you must click “Block this contact”
    • Then you will get a notice to confirm the action and that’s it.
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    To undo the action you can go back to method one and follow the same steps from Settings> Phone> Blocked contacts and remove whoever you want whenever you want.

    Block with an App (for iOS under 7)

    If your device does not have iOS 7, don’t worry, this is completely normal and it will not let you update it due to hardware limitations, but nothing happens, there is a solution for everything and in this case it is available in the App Store.

    First of all check if you have enough memory and if not, enlarge your memory without applications , then start doing this:

    • Here if you have to use Cydia , so download and install it if you don’t have it yet
    • Once you install it, restart your mobile and go to the Add New Blacklist option and press the “Import From Addres Book” option if you want to block a whole list of contacts, in case you want to block only one press “General BL” and here you can look up the phone number
    • When you finish the process the call icon will appear in red for this contact , from the same app you can block sms and more, download it from the App Store

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