How to Add and Insert Text Above an Image in OpenOffice (Example)

OpenOffice logo blue and white background

Since we are children to adults we have learned and expanded our knowledge by observing everything around us. For example, we learned to read, to distinguish colors or geometric shapes, such as animals or the shapes of things by images.

One way to achieve this is that by using the images to inquire, analyze, understand the information to be transmitted, in this way the information can reach the student in a more effective way.

In companies, the image of the product you offer to the market or the image of your brand are important so that you can find customers. Using computer programs to achieve this, in addition to social networks, are important factors so that you can reach the heart of the client or public when transmitting your corporate image, logo or brand.

When using your marketing strategy, which is the field with the most expansion today, you must have images that have quality in order to obtain satisfactory results to stay in the business world. But if you do not have much knowledge, it would be good to ask yourself what is Digital Marketing and why is it so important today?

These images must be based on unrepeatable ideas, be creative and original, you can create them using your own computer.

With the technological era that we live in, you have at your disposal a variety of tools or operating systems that allow you to make these images that you want.

What is OppenOffice?

It is a set of programs made under open code, this system allows you as a user to express, exchange, transmit, modify the source code without any type of restrictions because it is free.

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OppenOffice offers you the following programs: Calc, Impress and Math, Write, Draw Base. The Writer program allows you to carry out your reports, works because it is very similar to Word since it is a word processor. Like the office package OpenOffice offers within its different programs certain facilities that will help the user, for example you can activate the spelling and grammar checker in OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice writer logo con fondo blanco

With Calc as it has a spreadsheet similar to Excel , you can perform your calculations with formulas, in Imprees you can make your presentations with text and images as it is similar to Power Point. Even in case you need to open the files in Word you can learn how to convert an OpenOffice document to Microsoft Word .

How to add and insert text on top of an image in OpenOffice?

If you want to add or insert text to your image to make them more attractive, I’ll show you how to do it below step by step:

Old OpenOffice logo on white background

Paso 1

Enter “OpenOffice” , you will immediately see on the screen the option to create a new document, go to the option found in the “Text Document” list , select it.

Paso 2

Proceed to insert the information for the text document, at this point write how far you want to insert the image, now check that the cursor is in the place where you want to enter the image.

Paso 3

Now enter the menu and go to the “Insert” option , then go to the “Image” option and then “File”. Proceed to find the image you chose previously and click on the “OK” option.

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Paso 4

Click on the image with the right button and choose the option “Image”, now you will see that a box appears in which you choose the Adjustment option; There you can place the image as you want and if you want go to the option “Through, there you will see the text, and immediately choose the options ” First Paragraph “ and then” In the background “and choose” OK “.

Paso 5

Finally place the cursor where you want and start writing, that way now the text in the image appears at the top.

If you can’t do it and maybe you give up and want to completely uninstall the entire OpenOffice package, you can do it very easily and without inconvenience, because as we said above, it is very free software.

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