How to Add a White Background to a Photo From Your Cell Phone for Free – Quick and Easy

Having a mobile device in hand, we have access to an extremely powerful technology, since with something that is so small as to put in our pocket we can make calls, take professional photos , access the internet and much more.

Many often speak that high-end mobiles can compete with the power of many of today’s computers, and only in terms of processing they are not far behind, although a mobile works differently from a computer in several terms.

However, there are many things that we often cannot do on a mobile device that we can do on a computer, which ends up limiting data consumption and general use on mobile a bit . But, even so we have access to tons of functions thanks to the different apps that we can download to our mobile without too much problem.

Although with all the applications that we can see in our application store, we may feel a bit confused when we want to do a specific task, not being able to find the necessary tools for it, which can happen with anything.

In the case of photos, there are tons of mobile applications that are used to modify photos as you want, although sometimes it happens that you cannot find an application to modify a photo exactly as you want.

A clear example is when we want to change the background color of our photos with programs like Photoshop without too many setbacks and without having to resort to our computer. But, luckily, in the next tutorial we are going to show you how you can change the background of any photo to white in a simple and fast way on your mobile.

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tomato white background

Changing the background of your photo

There are lots of different ways in which different photos can be modified for an aesthetic purpose, but in order to make a thorough or detailed modification you often need different programs only available on a computer.

However, it is possible to modify images on a mobile through applications, although most of these become a bit limited in terms of the actions you can perform.

But, when it comes to changing funds, there are applications that can be used for this purpose, however complicated the task may seem at first glance. But, first we must talk about what it is to change a background, which we mean by being able to isolate an object in a photo or image and make the rest of the image one color or have another image.

It is one of the basic principles of image modification, and being able to do it through some apps is more or less easy. The same, lends itself to be able to make wallpapers, put the object that was on the white background in different situations and do something quite creative.

strawberry white background

What apps can you use to make the background of an image blank?

There are many applications that you can use to be able to make the background of an image blank without too much trouble or complications. And, although currently, you can go to the most voted image modification applications in the application stores, we can mention some that will do the same job for less effort or more easily.

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Among the applications with which you can change the background of an image is the Apowersoft background eraser, which is a fairly efficient tool, but it only lets you make some test modifications before having to pay for it.

On the other hand, you have applications that are free but leave a watermark, such as Simple Background Changer or Automatic Background Changer . But if you want to erase the background of an image completely, you can use Magic Eraser Background Editor without having to pay or have an annoying ark of water in your edits.

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