How to Activate Wondershare Filmora Forever Legally – Permanent Activation Price

When we need to create a video project, there are several options on the market but without a doubt almost none as easy as Wondershare Filmora, this video editing program is one of the best, since it is capable of editing videos at good quality without using a great software , that is, you don’t have to have a super computer to be able to edit your videos on it.

How to Activate Wondershare Filmora Forever Legally – Permanent Activation Price

You do not need an Adobe program to make your video look professional, with a couple of tweaks in Filmora it will look excellent, this program will allow you to make montages, animations, zoom, place background audio and all this for free for 7 days, enough time to test if this program is worth it or not , in any case we will analyze the program in depth and we will see alternatives in case it does not suit you completely.

In addition Wondershare Filmora is an editing program focused on sharing videos on social networks with ease and comfort, it has in its pre-established settings sizes that are perfect for depending on which social network you use.

    Activating this program is not difficult, as long as you know that its cost is 63 dollars a year , which I must say is not expensive in the world of editing software, since its closest competition Camtasia Studio charges for the same time 250 dollars approximately, and if we go to a professional program like Adobe Premiere Pro the amounts can be easily multiplied.

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    So with this in mind, follow the instructions below step by step and you will get to make this program yours (at least for a year).

    • First of all download Wondershare Filmora from its official website.
    • Once you have it on your PC, the installation process will begin. If it does not start automatically, check your “Downloads” folder and open the program. If the file is compressed, you will have to unzip it and continue.
    • Now you must press the box where you give them consent to give you their program “License Agreement” and then click “Install” the process takes only a few minutes.
    • Once you have it installed, you must go to the Filmora page from where you downloaded it and give it where it says “Buy” the version that you want or need, then it will take you to a table that you must fill in with your data, it asks you the following:

    After filling them in, you will be given an access and they will send you a code to your email, this code is unique and is used to activate your product, once your 7-day period ends , you will get a message that will tell you if you want to switch to Wondershare Filmora and you will get benefits such as removing the watermark , obtaining functions that you did not have before etc … there you must click on “I have a license” and enter the numbers that were sent to you by mail.

    Ready, you already have your program activated and if it did not convince you and you would like to see other options, here are some.

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    Filmora is a simple editing program and if what you are looking for is quick and easy editing, you have a couple more options and they may be more suited to your needs.

    Camtasia Studio 9

    This program will allow you to easily edit your videos with the addition of having many more options to add to your videos than Filmora, although it is true it costs more than 3 times that of Filmora, it is well worth it if you want to give a more professional touch to your content.


    This is the option in case you need non-PC software, it will allow you to make simple and complicated edits from your mobile device, adding background music to a video is a piece of cake for this program and, among other things, it includes transitions, extraction of audio, video merging and much more, undoubtedly the best option for a mobile device.

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