How to Activate, Use and Access the Clipboard of my MacOS Where is it?

When carrying out any type of task, document or accessing a file from our home or office computer, it is possible that you have made the mistake of deleting a file that you did not want to delete and want to recover it, or failing that, be able to view the versions of some file that you have already updated recently.

How to Activate, Use and Access the Clipboard of my MacOS Where is it?

That is why it is very important that you know that there is a tool in all Windows, Mac and Linux devices, which allows us to temporarily access all the files that we have deleted, in addition to the cloud , which allows us to store information about digital way without taking up space on our computer.

    What is the trash or clipboard on my MacOS computer?

    It is defined as a folder destined only to store all the information, data, or multimedia files in the background to give us the opportunity to restore or access them whenever we want.

    It should be noted that this tool is used mainly to correct errors that we may make when formatting our Mac to free up space if it is too full.

    How to enter the clipboard of my MacOs computer?

    It is important to note that the trash on any Apple device is completely different from the one we know found on Windows or Linux computers. Since this, it requires a series of configurations before being able to enter it, as we indicate below:

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      A couple of generations ago, the directors and technicians of Apple developed a “Universal Clipboard” that has absolutely all the tools that the common clipboards like those of Access in Google , or the well-known ones of Windows. Same as today we will show you how to use.

      The relatively new Apple Universal Trash , allows you to restore, and directly edit all kinds of files that you have stored in it, through the compartment between two Apple devices, that is, everything you have deleted from your Mac you can copy it to your iPhone or iPad and restore them without any problem as follows:

        Take into account that any type of file that you have stored on the clipboard does not have a set period of life, but will remain there until you make the replacement for the new copied file or delete the iCloud content of your iPhone due to lack of space or personal desire.

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