How to Activate Two-Step Authentication or Verification on my Instagram Account

We cannot help but marvel at the great efforts that some communication platforms are making to achieve a greater number of users . And it is not only enough to include new and fascinating functions to achieve a more fluid and efficient communication.

How to Activate Two-Step Authentication or Verification on my Instagram Account

It is also necessary to include new security systems to prevent identity theft. Therefore, in this article we will tell you, referring to this topic, how to activate two-step authentication or verification on Instagram.

We can note that it is necessary for mobile or desktop applications to allow the use of such efficient methods to verify the identity of the user. And a novel way to do it is through two-step verification. And we can see that App like Snapchat or Facebook itself already include two-step authentication to allow access to your account.

The social network Instagram , in search of offering options that allow raising the security levels of its subscribers, has also included two-step verification. Something that you may not understand how to do and in the next article we will offer you everything you need to know. To activate two-step verification on your Instagram account.

    What is Two-Step Authentication or Verification

    As we mentioned in the introduction to the article , two-step verification is a security method that many applications are using today. And this in order to verify that the owner of the account is the one who tries to enter it. In this way, the entry of people outside of it is avoided.

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    When this is activated, Instagram or any other platform works, when trying to enter the account. A one-time code is sent to the phone associated with the account, which can be reached in two ways. The first one is through an SMS text message.

    The second way to receive the code, and it is the most used, is through an application that you previously installed on the mobile device. If the code is correct, you will be allowed access to the account, otherwise the entry will be impossible. Understanding how this security method works, we see how to activate two-step verification on Instagram.

    Step to activate two-step authentication on Instagram

    It is important that you use all the security methods that the platform offers you so that you can prevent your Instagram account from being Hacked . So if you activate the verification in two steps it will be impossible and for this you must follow the steps below. First of all, access your Instagram profile from your mobile regardless of the operating system.

    Now you must display the options menu and for this you must click on the icon in the upper right corner. In the menu you must find and select the option “Two-step authentication”. You will be taken to its window and in it you must click on the option “Request security code” and you must proceed to activate this function.

    In the event that you have not confirmed a phone number, you must do so at this time, once you finish with this step, you must press the “Next” option. Now you just have to wait for a code to reach your mobile which you must enter in the corresponding field. Once you finish entering the code, you must click on the “Next” button.

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    This way you have activated two-step authentication on Instagram, but you can still raise the security level. And for this you can configure the recovery codes, this in the case of not receiving the authentication code. You can use the retrieve codes to log into your Instagram account.

    And so we come to the happy end of this tutorial that became a perfect guide to activate a new security method. And in simple steps you learned how to activate two-step authentication on your Instagram account.

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