How to Activate or Set the “I’m Proud” Reaction on Facebook the Easy Way

Demonstrating pride in belonging to the LGTBQ community is extremely important today , since we have all suffered from this, not only the community as such but also the people who do not belong to it are fed up with gender abuse, animal abuse, mistreatment of women and practically any kind of mistreatment that exists.

How to Activate or Put the ‘I’m Proud’ Reaction on Facebook the Easy Way

It is precisely for this reason that the most vulnerable groups celebrate freedom of expression at least once a year and no matter which one you belong to, you have the right to do so, so take the bull by the horns and go out to celebrate this June 28 the International LGBT pride day .

Just as we celebrate other customs, it is important to celebrate equality of thought first and foremost, we live the most beautiful time in human history in which we can all feel comfortable being who we are, this is undoubtedly a huge advantage and we have to take advantage of it.

Precisely for this reason, and because it is important to make noise so that everyone listens and also goes out through the most used social networks in the world , Facebook incorporated a reaction such as “I care” or “It amuses me” so that you can use it on the international day of Gay Pride or even before.

    How to activate ‘I am proud’ to celebrate LGBT day

    Activating it is extremely simple, there are many rumors out there about how to make it worse, I assure you that you will leave here with the reaction already activated in your account , because it is really very simple, just do the following:

    • From your Facebook account, look for the fanpage ” that will appear with a blue check mark, or you can also look for it as @LGBTQ.
    • This is the page that represents the community and is official of Facebook, to activate the “I’m proud” all you have to do is like the fanpage.
    • You will immediately have the reaction available , in case you do not get an update or all your Facebook apps to the latest version since it is a relatively new addition and if your app is very old it may not load it.
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    The fight against inequality persists

    Facebook has exhorted its support to the LGTB community on different occasions, not only does it give an equal focus to Facebook Gaming , but it has transcended beyond in all its communities, community norms and even in its dating app where there is already a set aside for the community.

    Social inclusion is increasingly important so from here I ask you to be patient with those who do not have an open mind, remember that we are all different and those who really have an ‘Open Mind’ are able to understand and not judge those who do. they have closed.

    Demonstrating with good treatment and persistence that trans, gay or people belonging in general to the community do not want to harm the world, will help a lot so that the following generations are much more intelligent than the current generation and not only that.

    Raising awareness when doing anything is the basis of respect for others, the people of the community not only respect this but also go against any harm to others, have different tastes and represent a whole community that comes out of nowhere. and it becomes one of the most influential and powerful in recent years should give us great pleasure.

    People must learn to respect each other equally and it is important to take the first step when it comes to social inclusion, let us treat others as we like to be treated and do not stop helping each other, that together we can prosper , we feel pride in belong to the community and let’s take it further by sharing it this 28th and every other day of the year.

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    Let’s take it to the rest of the world by saying and exhorting what we like and since what we like does not define us or make us less, people in the LGBT community are stronger, more sincere, better and kinder than most of the person what’s out there, we just have to prove it to ourselves.

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