How to Activate or Deactivate Two-Step Verification in my Microsoft Account

Making use of security methods when wanting to enter our accounts, must be an essential priority. Especially due to the proliferation of computer viruses that try to impersonate our identity and steal sensitive information for us, such as our bank accounts. For this reason, you may want to know how to turn two-step verification on or off for a Microsoft account for added security.

How to Activate or Deactivate Two-Step Verification in my Microsoft Account

Being able to keep cyber hackers at bay should be one of our main goals, since there is a latent risk of identity theft. And we can avoid this by using the most innovative methods that exist today. And in this case we refer to the two-step verification and if you do not know what it is, here we will tell you everything you need to know.

When you activate the two-step verification in your account, it must be remembered that most applications and mail services allow this type of verification, as is the case with Facebook .

You receive a verification code text message to your mobile, this in order to guarantee that it is the owner of the account who wishes to enter it. So let’s see how to turn two-step verification on and off for your Microsoft account.

    Why use two-step verification at Microsoft?

    As we have already mentioned, our Microsoft account may contain very valuable and sensitive information. Which should be kept away from unscrupulous people who only want to damage or steal the account to impersonate us. What would be called an identity theft and being a victim of so-called cyberattacks or cyber attack .

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    So to avoid all this it is necessary to apply another layer of security that allows for greater security. Not only will we have the password, now it will be necessary for us to enter a code that will reach our mobile. In this way, only the owner of the cell phone and therefore of the account, will have access to it.

    Steps to activate two-step verification in Microsoft on PC

    To begin, it is necessary that you go to the official Microsoft page , this to be able to log in from our personal computer. Once we are in the Microsoft account we are going to click on the option “General information”. Found in the left panel, a new window will open and in it we will select the option “Security information.

    Now we must pay attention to the right part of the screen, where we will find the option we are looking for “Two-step verification”. The next step is to click on the option “Set up two-step verification”. Now you only have to enter the data that the system requests and when finished you must click on the “Next” option.

    How to activate two-step verification of your Microsoft account from mobile

    In order to use the two-step verification on the mobile, it will be necessary to download a tool from the virtual store of Play Store or App Store. And this is about Google Authenticator, be it for Android or iOS. But in the case of having a Windows Phone mobile, then you can download Microsoft Authenticator.

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    To begin we log in to our Microsoft account and we are going to click on the option “General Information”. Then in “Security information” and in this section we must click to choose the option “Pair an authenticator application with your Microsoft account” . The next step is to click on Get application ”in the case of having a“ Windows Phone ”.

    Otherwise you must go to the virtual store and download the App, at the end of this process we go back to the option “General information” and then “Security information” . We go to the downloaded App and we must scan the QR code. The last step is to enter the code and then click on the “Pair” option.

    You realize how simple and easy it is, just like creating a Microsoft account on your Nokia, and without further delay you have learned how to activate two-step verification in your Microsoft account .

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