How to Activate or Create an Alert in Google Alerts Spanish – Step by step

Search engines are tools that help us manage information within the web, they help us navigate in a simpler and more orderly way. Over time these have been adapted to the needs of consumers.

Among the most famous search engines is the Google Chrome browser, developed by the Google company in order to meet the needs of its users. This browser is one of the most used currently around the world, but there are little-known alternative browsers to Google Chrome .

How to Activate or Create an Alert in Google Alerts Spanish – Step by Step

Google Chrome has been characterized by providing innovative tools that make our browsing more practical and pleasant, which makes it one of the best web browsers 2020 .

One of the tools that has been very receptive is Google Alerts . Although unknown to many, it is a practical function, of which we must be aware if we are Chrome users.

How to activate or create an alert in Google Alerts Spanish?

Google Alerts is a Chrome tool, which gives us the opportunity to monitor all the content that Google offers us. The main function of this tool is to notify users when content is uploaded to the Google platform .

The content that Google Alerts shows us in its notifications may vary between news, blogs or any information uploaded to the web. We control this content, which means that we must first configure on which topics we want to receive information.

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We can also choose how we want to receive these alerts or notifications . One way is by email for this we must log in with our Google account when opening Chrome . We will be notified in the form of a message that will reach our emails.

The other way is through web links where we can directly access that content.

Another relevant feature is that we can configure the frequency in which we receive Google Alerts notifications .

For this we can choose between three options, which are:

  • Once a day : notifications will reach us daily.
  • Once a week : we will be notified about our content once every 7 days.
  • At the moment : they will notify us instantly when the content that interests us appears on the web.

In this way, it is extremely important to know how to handle and enable this function, since it can be of great help, if we know how to use it. In this article we will teach you how to activate or create an alert in Google Alerts Spanish.

Steps to create and configure an alert in Google Alerts

The first step is to open the Google Chrome search engine, once inside we go to the search bar and write Google Alerts . You must choose the first option that the browser throws up. In this way we enter the main page.

It is extremely important to have logged in with our Google account. With that clear and being located on the main alerts page, we will see a text box at the top of the page.

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There we must write the topic from which we want to receive the alarms , all the most important news related to our topic will appear. Once found and selected we can begin to configure our alert.

Set up an alert in Google Alerts

To start configuring our alert we must click on the Show options button located below the box where we write our topic. The first option we find is the Frequency with which we want to receive our notifications.

To choose, we click on the bar located on the right and select if we want to be notified daily, once a week or at the moment. The next option is Font , we click on the right and choose the font that suits us best.

Then we shrink the Language (Spanish) and then we choose the Region , it is advisable to choose All regions. Then we select the Quantity and we recommend choosing “Only the best results”.

Finally, the option « Send to» appears , this allows us to write the email where we want to receive notifications. But since we have previously logged in, our mail will automatically come out. To finish we click on Create the alert .

Now we just have to wait for a notification to be sent to our email when there is some information of interest to us. Ready, in this way we have successfully activated, created and configured an alert with Google Alerts.

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