How to Activate Gesture Navigation in XIAOMI on Any Android without Root

Accessibility, user interface, and ease of navigation on a device are extremely important traits for everyone. The level of detail and care that can be put into each of these aspects can be the difference between whether people buy a specific device or not.

This has made devices such as the iPhone one of the most purchased, because special care has been taken in how you can navigate on a device .

The ease of access to the different components, pages, applications and configuration is key in a device at the time of purchase. This can make the experience on a mobile device much more enjoyable or simply a disaster. This is why many people were quite nervous when the iPhone X home button was removed .

But, it has ended up being a pretty good thing and necessary to advance in the world of borderless devices.

And, although we are used to devices in which there are three buttons (even if they are virtual) through which we can exit, go to start or open a menu; little by little we are getting closer to the gesture navigation technology that has been implemented in the iPhone X.

In fact, it has begun to be implemented in certain Xiaomi devices , but although more was expected of it when Android Pie came out, many were somewhat disappointed when they did not have the possibility of using this gesture navigation in their hands.

So, if what you want is to be able to use the gesture navigation that Xiaomi uses on any of your Android devices , without having to wait for new Android updates , you can always follow this step by step.

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Keep in mind that you will not have to root anything in any way to make this happen, in fact just one application is all you will need.

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Using MIUI 10

Gesture navigation is something that has not yet fully reached Android devices. Although, as we said at the beginning, it is possible to find it on certain Xiaomi devices, in general it is a system not easily found among Android devices. That is why we have to present you MIUI 10 .

This is an application that lets you perform gesture navigation on your Android device. It is quite simple to use and you will basically end up using the same controls that you can find on a Xiaomi device. All you have to do is download the app from the app store and start using it.

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How to use MIUI 10

In order to use MIUI 10, you will first have to download and install the app on your device. Once this is ready, you must enter it. Here, you must follow a series of instructions that teach how you can use the different gestures to navigate on your mobile device.

Once that’s ready, you can gently move your finger across the screen to the right, left, or up to access these functions.

Whether you want to go back, go to the beginning or open the multitasking bar , all you have to do is follow the indications that MIUI 10 shows. In fact, you can go to the options and be able to control the sensitivity of these gestures, the size in that the gestures appear on the screen and even the color of these.

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So take your time when modifying all these options so that they are to your liking. Remember that you also have the option to hide the buttons in your mobile settings, as well as to place a dark background in the interface of your Instagram on your Android mobile , all thanks to MIUI 10.

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