How to Activate and Optimize the high Performance or Performance of the MIUI – Tips and Tricks

Thanks to the great popularity and great acceptance that Xiaomi mobile devices have had , year after year we have seen many improvements in the versions of its operating system, as well as the MIUI.

To this day we have a version of MIUI two, although not all devices on the current market have it. However, those who do have it, are close to having it, will have and have the possibility of making certain modifications or optimizations so that the device can have a better performance.

To give you a brief preview, thanks to the latest version of MIUI, you can eliminate a large part of the lag in Free Fire as well as improve or increase the speed with which the device works. It is for this reason, that today’s article will be focused on explaining how you can optimize the performance of the MIUI.

How can you increase the speed of your Xiaomi device?

From the outset, we tell you that you will not need to download any third-party applications, for the simple reason that the latest version of MIUI has all the necessary functions to optimize the performance of your device to the maximum.

Of course, if you do not have much knowledge about what each function means, it is recommended that you advise yourself very well before making any change in the configuration of the computer’s system.

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The vast majority of mobile devices of this brand come with applications already pre-installed from the factory that are extremely useful for this reason. So, if you want to activate Xiaomi’s proximity sensor , you can do it and even improve its sensitivity .

What can you do to increase the performance of the MIUI?

Reduce system and application animations

If you haven’t noticed yet, open a simple application or switch from one app to another, this requires some animation. These animations are implemented to give or have a greater appeal and visual experience.

However, these small animations require the use of device resources at the same time, they need a certain time to be carried out. From what we can say that, any animation that is active on the device will decrease the speed with which the programs and processes are executed .

If you want to remove or disable MIUI animations, you will have to:

  • Go to the settings and select “about the phone”
  • There, you are going to press several times on the “MIUI version” option until you get a “developer options” message.
  • Then you locate the developer options that have been activated and look for the section that refers to “animation level”.
  • Among all the options, you are going to select the smallest, that is, 0.5.

It could be said that this is an option to implement before deciding to format or reset an Android cell phone from the pc , whether it is a Xiaomi phone or any other phone brand.

Delete cached data

Many of the users who have Xiaomi phones or any other brand, tend to ignore or forget the data that is stored in the cache. While it is true that this type of data makes applications run more smoothly, in the long run, so much stored data will slow down your computer.

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To avoid this slowness in the operating system or equipment, go to the settings of your phone, there, locate the option of installed applications . In this option, you base yourself on searching for the system launcher. Once you enter there, you will begin to erase all the data that has been stored in the cache of those applications that you usually use.

Install a new Rom

In some cases, Xiaomi phones do not have the best performance because they do not have the latest version of MIUI installed . The easiest way to solve this small problem is to go directly to the official page of MiCommunity and select the computer for which you want to install a new Rom. If you enter this page, you will notice that you will find all the Xiaomi phones that have been released

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