How to Activate and Connect Spotify to Waze Navigation App Easily

When we use an application, we always try to find out if it has any function that allows integration with other third-party applications. In the case of Waze, the wonderful App that allows you not only to know the state of the traffic in real time, it also allows you to create maps and routes with its editor.

In this tutorial we are going to show you a function that you will like a lot and you are going to learn how to activate and connect Spotify to the Waze navigation App.

activate mobile spotify

We have already seen that Waze allows you to link other App such as DIDI , but now we will show you that it is possible to do it with others that have nothing to do with routes. And this is something that makes this App an excellent choice and makes it one of the favorites of millions of users. Above other applications with a longer history, such as Google Maps.

This time we are going to talk about a feature that allows users to listen to music while using Waze . And what better than having one of the most popular platforms today and containing an extensive library of songs. It is for this reason that we will tell you how to activate and connect Spotify to the Waze Navigation App easily.

How to activate and connect Spotify to the Waze Navigation App

Not only does Waze offer you the best navigation options, it also offers you alliances that will allow a unique experience when using the application. We can tell you which platforms like Spotify and Waze have joined. In this way you will be able to work in any of these applications, thanks to the latest version that has been registered.

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This means that it is possible from Spotify to see the directions that Waze sends to the user to reach their destination. And from Waze you will have access to the reproductions of the songs. And in this article we are going to teach you step by step how to activate and connect Spotify to the Waze navigation App.

Steps to activate and connect Spotify to the Waze Navigation App

The steps that we will indicate below are performed from a mobile device that uses the Android operating system. So in order to use both integrated applications, you must first download them on your mobile. In the case of not having any of these applications, you just have to go directly to the Play Store .

Remember that these App are free and their download is very easy to do, once you have downloaded and installed the App, you must do the following. Open the Waze application , then go to the Settings option. The next step will be to select Spotify and then activate the function, a confirmation message will be displayed which you must accept.

Once these steps are completed, Spotify will be connected and the integration between Spotify and Waze will be activated. Now it will be possible that you can from the Waze application, select your favorite music and control the different options of the player. In the GPS navigator a kind of mini player will appear, with which you will be able to select playlists or radio stations.

This is what we will find in the Waze, now if we enter Spotify, we will find a blue bar. It will show the directions that the Waze browser will offer you to reach your destination. If you want to enter the Waze App , you just have to click on that blue bar and you will enter immediately.

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How to activate Waze from Spotify

For the integration to be total and we can see the Waze indications from the music player we must make sure that it is active. Although this option must be active by default, if not, you just have to enter Spotify and enter the settings and activate Waze in Spotify.

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Doing this activation is very easy and will only take you a few minutes, so you can enjoy your favorite music while you go to your destination.In this way we have reached the end of this article that showed you how to activate and connect Spotify to the App of Waze navigation.

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