How Much Money Can You Make on TikTok if You Succeed and Become a Famous Influencer?

Right now, TikTok has become a very viral platform that can help you become a famous person on TikTok and thus have a large following that will be aware of all the content that you are going to be creating and publishing.

If you want to know how much money you can earn on TikTok if you are successful and become a famous influencer, you have reached the ideal place since we are going to talk in detail about the subject and we are also going to provide some tips for you to become a famous influencer and achieve monetize your account.

How Much Money Can You Make on TikTok if You Succeed and Become a Famous Influencer?

    How to become a famous influencer on TikTok?

    You probably want to become a famous influencer on TikTok in order to earn money, because more and more people are talking about monetizing an account on TikTok to earn money and have an extra income or even a total income.

    If you want to become a TikToker, we are going to share a series of tips that will help you gain a lot of followers and have a significant number of views on your videos until you go viral . The ideal is that you do quality work so that you can hook the public.

    The first step is to define the audience you want to work with , that is, to know what type of audience your content is going to be aimed at, then you should focus on creating quality videos so that you can share content that you like a lot and you can go viral.

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    You should start by creating videos with material that you have in the gallery , that way you will be mastering the TikTok tools, after you know how to use the effects and transitions in full, start creating enough content, from one to two videos per day so that the algorithm will position you or you will be able to turn your videos into viral and you will gain a loyal audience.

    How much money can you make on TikTok by being a famous influencer?

    Now if it is time to talk about numbers and say figures, since that is what most beginner TikToker want to know so that they can know how far they are going to be able to aspire when it comes to money.

    It is essential to mention that to monetize your account it is not necessary to change your profile or personal account to pro, but it is good to make the change from a personal account to a pro because that can generate good benefits.

    At this point, we know that you are looking for an amount or figure of money, but we have to tell you that TikTok does not work that way , it may be easier to calculate when you can earn on other platforms such as YouTube, but in the case of TikTok it is different.

    Each person who monetizes their account will earn a different amount , because remember that TikTok does not pay, since TikTok has not yet created a large enough fund to pay. People can receive money thanks to TikTok in two ways, the first is through Live, when live broadcasts are made, followers can send gifts to Influencers, that gift can be 1 coin or up to 100 coins .

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    Those currencies will be converted into dollars within your account, you will be able to withdraw them through PayPal making it clear that 40% is yours and 60% from TikTok. Another way in which influencers earn money is through advertising to brands in their videos, so it is not possible to share an exact amount.

    How can an account be monetized on TikTok?

    In order to monetize an account on TikTok it is necessary that you reach 1000 followers, in this way TikTok will allow you to make live broadcasts, and in those live broadcasts is where you can earn money with TikTok coins.

    If you feel that the TikTok coins are not going to generate a very significant income, the second option is to start working with brands that pay you for advertising so that you can have a fixed and secure payment for sharing information in your TikTok videos .

    What is 1000 points worth on TikTok?

    As mentioned above, points or coins are gifts that users make to TikTokers and each of these have a value when they are transformed into diamonds, being that diamonds are worth 50% of the value of the coins, that is, if I have 1000 coins would be 500 diamonds.

    Each diamond has a value of $ 0.5 dollars, being then that 1000 points or coins would be 500 diamonds for a total of $ 250 dollars . But we must emphasize that TikTok also takes a part that would be 50% of said final pile, therefore in the PayPal wallet only $ 125 dollars would be received.

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    How much money does TikTok pay me to invite friends to the platform?

    This will depend on the country and the time your referral uses the application or if you watch videos to further increase the profit. Therefore, when your guest download the app and use their invitation code, they will receive a total of 50,000 points equivalent to $ 1.30 per registration.

    To continue earning money , the user must watch videos for 3 days, which corresponds to about 30 thousand points or $ 0.80, if it is for 5 days it would be 100 thousand points which would be $ 2.60 and if it lasts 7 days in a row, you will receive a final reward of 220 thousand points that is equivalent to $ 5.90. These numbers are on average according to the exchange rate of the moment.

    Are there other alternative ways to make money with TikTok?

    Yes, if there are other ways to earn money on TikTok as it would be with the TikTok creator fund, which is based on making money from video reproductions, although to participate in this program, you must have at least 10,000 followers and be from Europe or the United States.

    You can also offer your products and services to your followers , either by taking your followers to other platforms that you monetize or by selling products directly.

    You can also earn money through sponsors , which is based on sponsoring products or brands with your videos. The more followers you have, the more likely they are to contact you so that you can advertise their products or you can contact the brands directly and offer your services.

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