How do I know if my WiFi is secure? What should I do so that my WiFi is not stolen?

Today there are more wi fi networks than more than 5 or 10 years ago, and it is not for less that the number of public and private networks has increased. Having a Wi-Fi network implies many advantages and benefits, although we cannot ignore certain limitations such as the bandwidth that a router can support.

But despite all this, they are networks that we usually implement for convenience, costs and any other reason. But did you know that not all WiFi networks are completely secure ?

How to know if my WiFi is secure, what should I do so that my WiFi is not stolen?

In general, we usually pay for the installation of these networks and voila, we are not concerned about security or privacy. For this reason, today we want to talk to you more about this topic, so try to stay at the end and take into account what we will tell you.

    Why is it important to maintain the security of a WiFi network?

    Imagine for a moment that you have a house and you decide to leave the doors open with everything that is important to you. You can imagine what can happen, right? Someone at some point is going to break in and steal everything you have in your home. The same happens with the WiFi networks that you create, for not establishing the corresponding security.

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    Although the theft of information is much more complicated, since it requires some knowledge and skill to do it, in addition to certain tools. But this does not limit anyone to take advantage of your vulnerability and have access to your network.

    There are many things that can happen, the most common is that someone else is taking advantage of the internet connection for free. Therefore, you have to learn how to configure a TP Link, cisco or any other WiFi router .

    What can you do to know if your WiFi network is secure?

    Check how many devices are connected to your network

    In general, most routers have an option in their configuration that allows you to know which and how many devices are connected to your network. You will not see this information as understandable, since, to better know and understand said information, you have to have a little knowledge about the MAC’s of each device .

    Every mobile device or laptop has a mac. This is nothing more than the identification or ID that that device has and that makes it differentiate from the rest of the devices.

    When entering the configuration of your router and wanting to increase and improve the security of the WiFi network , you will notice in the Networks section, an option that will show you all the MAC’s of each device connected to your network.

    With this simple process you can see if your WiFi network is secure or not . Although there are other options in the configuration of your router that allow you to see if you have active security or not. Depending on the equipment you have, security will vary a bit, but generally speaking, most of today’s routers come with security turned on by default.

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    What to do to increase the security of your WiFi?

    The most recommended thing you can do, regardless of what kind of router you have, is to use the MAC’s filtering function , although you also have the option of hiding your Wi Fi network so that it does not appear on the radar of mobile phones or laptops. As such, the process is even easier than increasing and improving the WiFi signal you receive on your mobile or PC .

    As we mentioned well, everything is in using the mac filtering option . To do this, you will need to know the mac of the mobile devices that you want to connect to your network. To find out, you have two options:

    The first is to let the device connect to your network and then go into the router settings and write it down from there. The second option is to go into the mobile settings and look for it there.

    Once you have this mac address, you just have to add it to the list of devices that you will allow internet access through your Wi Fi network . The process is quite simple and intuitive.

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