How Amazon Flex Works in Spain – Learn All the Secrets of Amazon Flex

Job opportunities have intensified in recent years, this is thanks to digitization and the current connectivity with the rest of the world. The implementation of the internet in our daily lives has greatly helped our development as a society.

In recent years companies have been emerging that have used this medium to found their ideals. One of the companies that has been resoundingly successful and continues to exploit its potential even today is Amazon .

Founded in 1994, it is an electronic commerce company , since its inception it was an online shopping platform, where customers can access and buy what they want. Over time, he has perfected this idea, in order to provide the best possible service and experience to his customers.

What is Amazon Flex in Spain and how does it work?

Amazon Prime Delivery

The Amazon company has carried out the package delivery service for many years, in the most efficient way possible. But with the increase in orders, as well as increasingly demanding customers, they found it necessary to improve their package delivery service.

In 2015 Amazon launched a delivery service called Amazon Flex, this is basically a service that allows individuals to work with the Amazon delivery service . It has recently arrived in Spain and has become an additional income opportunity for many people.

The purpose of Amazon Flex is to maximize the package delivery service , thus helping to reduce the waiting time that your customers have to spend. In recent years online shopping has increased significantly, people prefer to make their purchases from the comfort of their homes.

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On the other hand, the Amazon Flex service in Spain has served as an extra income option for those who wish to work for Amazon. The requirements to work in Amazon Flex are very few but very important.

Individuals who want to start working with Amazon Flex must register , have their own vehicle and bear all the expenses that this entails. From gasoline to staying in parking lots, everything is the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

In the same way, be of legal age , have no criminal record as well as have good treatment with clients and a minimum of hygiene. If these requirements are met and we want an income opportunity, Amazon Flex is the ideal choice.

Everything I need to know about Amazon Flex in Spain

Requirements to work at Amazon Flex

If we want to work for Amazon Flex, it is essential to download the mobile application and register with our personal data as an autonomous driver. After a period of one week, Amazon support will contact us to let us know that we can start.

One of the advantages of this service is that we can choose the blocks of time that best suit our needs or our free time. Typically, 2-, 4-hour, and 6-hour blocks are presented per day , 7 days a week.

Once the process has begun, the Amazon Flex application will indicate the place where we should go to pick up the packages, it will even show us routes that we can take in our vehicle.

When we arrive at the place, we will meet a person who will deliver the packages to be delivered, it is essential to scan each package with the Amazon Flex application.

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Later, in our devices we can see the places where we must distribute the packages . Then, we drive to each of the points and deliver the packages to customers, each time a package is delivered we must take a photo with the application.

Finally, we go back to the point where we picked up the packages and the day will be finished. The Amazon Flex service pays on average 14 Euros per hour , this is a reasonable income as a complementary job.

It is good to note that the Amazon company every time develops new trends with which it makes various tasks possible in an easy way. For example, nowadays it is possible to give a book to a special being through Amazon, among other great variety of actions.

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