Can I Safely Buy and Use Huawei Phones?

From the news given by the former President of the United States Donald Trump, the vast majority of Huawei phones have been disabled when using Google services . At first, we believed that this was a mere joke and that the announced measures would not be implemented.

However, as of today we know that this is a reality that has greatly influenced the market for Huawei devices . That is why it is completely normal for many of us to wonder whether or not it is really worth buying a phone from this brand. In fact, many mobile device users want to know if a mobile or cell phone is original, fake or a Chinese clone.

So this time, we will dedicate ourselves to explain if it is really worth not making an investment in terms of SmartPhones of this brand. In addition to this, we will also tell you if buying these devices is a safe and profitable option.

How did this decision affect Huawei users?

Despite the fact that this brand is one of the few that have been maintained over the years, this has not been enough to prevent the US government from suspending Google services .

As such, this decision has generated that each of the mobile devices are on the market and those that will be about to go on sale soon lack Google services .

This implies that it will not even throw you a server error on Google Play for the simple reason that this application will not be installed on the devices. Although this error may appear at some point in certain devices that had already been on the market for years.

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This decision has managed to generate in the users of this brand and in those who at the time decided to opt for Huawei devices , a kind of doubts and concerns regarding the devices. It is obvious to think that, if you do not have Google Play services, it will be a problem to install applications and opt for the services that we have always achieved thanks to Google.

Is everything finished for Huawei phones?

Like any other device, once you manage to unlock or lead a Huawei mobile that is locked , you can use it perfectly and without any problem. It is worth mentioning that this will not guarantee that you will have access to Google services by going to their applications or tools.

At the time, it was believed that such a decision by the United States government would be reversible. But thanks to the change of government or President, new negotiations are being implemented so that the great global technology company in conjunction with Google, can restore what was once restricted.

But imagine for a moment that this did not happen and that the decisions made by Donald Trump had been permanent. Would it be profitable, safe or beneficial to buy a Smartphone with Huawei? The truth is that if.

While it is true that Google services, tools and applications are the most used worldwide, this does not mean that Huawei would become an obsolete brand. Therefore, Huawei would seek a way to implement alternatives that are just as functional and effective as those provided by Google.

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A practical example so that you can understand this is the impossibility that you currently have when starting or executing the play store. Due to current policies, it is impossible, or at least very difficult, to run this application on a Huawei mobile.

However, there are many, many app stores that are unrelated to Google. But that, at the same time, has very good compatibility with these and any other device. Among the most used and most popular app stores that currently exist, we could recommend Apptoide.

Is it safe and advisable to buy this equipment?

The answer to this is yes. The only thing that has changed with this brand and its devices is that they temporarily lack the services provided by Google . Of the rest, they continue to have the same quality, maintain the characteristics and have even improved them and many other things.

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